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  1. Sulfer/Rotten Egg Smell from Exhaust

    I used woolworths 95 petrol I might keep an eye on it to see if it happens again
  2. Sulfer/Rotten Egg Smell from Exhaust

    ive just noticed, the last two times, there has been a real strong sulfer/rotten egg smell when I park the car in the garage i havent noticed it in the past, obviously when im parked outside i cant tell, but I only realised today when a family member said "geez are new cars supposed to smell...
  3. My first attempt at keeping black car swirl/scratch free?

    just a question, have been learning all the techniques to keep your car scratch/swirl/haze free, especially on dark colours so if you car gets those random fairly small scratches from when someone walks past with the zip on their clothes, or when you are carrying something eh a box and it rubs...
  4. You know you drive a S550 Mustang when...

    when you take random photos of your car after parking it in a new location (im sure id do the same if I had a lamborghini/bugatti or any other hypercar)
  5. You know you drive a S550 Mustang when...

    when you drive, you dont listen to music and wind the windows down so you can hear the engine on Track/Race mode
  6. Fuel tank size

    Pretty consistent to be honest, as I'm still breaking It in But you make a fair point!
  7. Fuel tank size

  8. Fuel tank size

    Just a curiosity question I see it says our fuel tank is 61L Yesterday I was down to 29km left so about 2L of fuel, so was pretty empty Refuelled, to click point Check reciept it's 53L Is this the petrol pumps setting and my fuel tank would still theoretically have 7L of spare space?
  9. My first attempt at keeping black car swirl/scratch free?

    yes good memory, I tried the included foam cannon attachment for the first time today, i connected everything up and was about to put the soap in and scratched my head and asked myself, ok am I just supposed to put the soap in it, or do I put the mixed solution in? and yes my dilution must be...
  10. Twister Orange Mach 1 in Australia

    Not a fan of the font of mach1 But still a sexy car
  11. My first attempt at keeping black car swirl/scratch free?

    well my first attempt at washing didnt go too well, been gloomy all afternoon, so took the car out of garage and just about to start the sun starts blaring, anyway, first time im using the snow foam attachment on my 10 year old no name pressure washer ive go the autoglym stuff which on the...
  12. Whats your/official definition of "spirited/thrashing" driving?

    from all the threads ive read, it seems the general consensus is they dont need any warming up, or 1-2 mins maximum, I dont drive it very hard anyway at this point
  13. Whats your/official definition of "spirited/thrashing" driving?

    The manual says (well my one does) during the break in phase, not to do "spirited" driving obviously doing launch control , with constant red lining would be considered as thrashing these cars are built to be driven so I guess if well maintained, with aggressive driving, the car should last as...
  14. My first attempt at keeping black car swirl/scratch free?

    definitely, ive been told to never wash the car in sun or when its hot its been repeated to me multiple times :)
  15. My first attempt at keeping black car swirl/scratch free?

    A bit of a random question But how bad is hot summer days on paint work If you have to go somehwere and leave the car put for the whole day in the hot sun, does it do any damage? Or am i just overthinking? Obviously not taking your car on hot days defeats the purpose of having a car!
  16. Hot chicks like black wheels?

    Drive a Lamborghini/ferrari/bugatti I'm sure chicks love any colour Even if it's bright pink
  17. Senior S550 Owners Like Black Wheels?

    No where near senior age however, I think black suits most cars Love the standard black wheels, to be honest I don't like many of the black other wheels posted in here, they look tackier to me /hides :lipssealed: I associate black/darker (except for car colour) to be premium so if the silver...
  18. 10 Speed Auto or 6 Speed Manual, what say you?

    Happy to swap my new mustang for a second hand pagani plus a kidney if anyone is willing:cwl:
  19. Pronounced Driving Mode Differences?

    from a purely sound perspective, quiet to normal is a huge difference, normal to sport I can kind of tell the difference, sport to track I cannot tell one bit
  20. What Fuel Consumption are you getting?

    dumb question, that fuel economy bar thats show 28.5, is that showing the fuel economy since the last time you turn the engine on? mine seems to always start at 17 and question: does auto rev matching mode use extra fuel, as sometimes when I down shift, the blue fuel economy bar goes up but...