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    Similar subs to JL W7’s (12’s)

    OP do 12” or 10” W6’s they have incorporated a majority of the W7’s tech at a much better price with a smaller box foot print. I have W7’s 8” right now and that boom! I just need a new box to transfer them to my Mustang.
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    A few parts

    Think we get our bonus this month. Looking for a quote on a few parts. Question on two. Will the billet sway bar mounts work with the Ford kit. And will the camber plates work with magnaride?
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    Rear wheel and tire clearance

    345s have been done on 11.5 but it isn’t recommended. For GT no poke 285/325. With some camber and poke 305/325 can be done.
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    Whipple dyno results

    It is how it is scaled is all. Yes hp/tq cross at 5252. But most dyno places change the scale when multiple pulls happen to see changes.
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    Zen Enclosures subwoofer box

    Jeff, I have two JL 8 W7’s which need about 1.87 cuft including sub displacement. Do they have a box that will front fire in that size?
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    2021 pp1?

    My 20 pp1 has everything you highlighted and so did my 16 pp1
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    2021 pp1?

    First I’ve seen this...
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    Ohio SOLD. $1200 Mustang Digital LCD 180MPH Speedometer Dash Cluster 12" Automatic Cover Bezel SCCM Bezel Switch Steering Wheel

    How the heck ya get a 180mph speedo? I have a 20 with that dash and I’d like a 10k tach and 200 mph speedo 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Carbon Composite Radiator Core Support 2019+

    Awww yeah if he has the 350 it’s a direct replace meant and he’s good 😂
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    Carbon Composite Radiator Core Support 2019+

    If I’m not mistaken that core support sits lower. Also the 18+ headlights won’t work. If the core support is shorter you will need 350 fenders, headlights, bumper cover....pretty much everything to convert to a 350 front end. It’s about 7k in parts.
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    Cryo treating

    In theory it should help in metal fatigue by relieving stress. I don’t know that it’s any better than shot peening and magna fluxing to look for cracks. Or the cost difference.
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    Fuel system clarification

    Yeah I might have to get creative. I’m not always able to stop every hour to fill up on road trips. I’ve been on trips where I definitely don’t see a gas station for over an hour. The GT350 hat and pumps look promising for me though. Should support what I want for now and keep it safe for long...
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    Fuel tank size

    In the states it’s 16 gallons. It’s pretty spot on, if Im 20 mi till empty it took 14.8 gallons to fill up the other day.
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    Car audio Shop

    Looking for a quality car audio place. Anyone have a recommendation in Georgia. I’m looking for someone to build a front firing box for JL audio 8” W7’s Like this... I contacted the company that makes this one but they won’t modify it for the W7’s specks
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    Twister Orange Mach 1 in Australia

    I’m not a fan of the grill, but I love the bumper.
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    Best Performance Motor Build Shops

    OP call Jon Kasse Racing. Tell him what you want and he will ship you the engine. You will have to find someone local to install but he builds on hell of a Ford engine. PS you won’t find any mod engines on his website but he does build them.
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    Experiences with dryers

    I use my back pack blower 🤷🏼‍♂️ It works really well as well.
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    Fuel system clarification

    QUOTE="Andy13186, post: 3155075, member: 37101"] There are some downsides to return style fuel systems, there is no longer a fuel bucket and you have to keep like half a tank of gas at all times especially if you want to do road racing type driving. ALso the fuel is heated constantly which can...