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  1. Who makes the best jacking rails for the 500?

    That video is what I saw. I somehow got the idea they made a long set. Sorry.
  2. Who makes the best jacking rails for the 500?

    Does the Steeda rail go all the way back to the rear pinch weld jack notch? I recall seeing posted photos (before my car arrived in 5/20) that looked like it did not. That made me think there was a lot or car hanging behind the rear of the Steeda rail. I haven't shopped for a set either, just...
  3. Who makes the best jacking rails for the 500?

    Steeda makes an IRS brace and if I recall correctly it mounts to the rear mounting point for jacking rails. For this reason there are short and long Steeda jacking rails. (The rear of the short rail mounts at a different point.) Just make sure the one you buy is the length you want in any brand.
  4. Cracks in Hood Support

    The media implied it was to support Texas, but The Chairman is right, Texas IS on it's own grid😳. MidAmerican in Iowa can draw on places like Manitoba Hydro in Canada. I guess we're giving it to Oklahoma, Sorry.
  5. Cracks in Hood Support

    The Governor requested a reduction in usage to prevent blackouts and support the grid. We have a program where people and businesses...
  6. Cracks in Hood Support

    Western Iowa is having rolling blackouts to send extra power to the Texas grid (wind generated). Ain't we nice guys?
  7. Cracks in Hood Support

    Iowa has the highest per capita amount of wind power in US and it runs in all winter conditions. (Third, behind TX & OK in actual numbers) Texas just cheaped out on their installations and did not winterize them. Done right, the tech works. As HK implied, big business & politics dropped the ball.
  8. Cracks in Hood Support

    I only gave him picts off my phone to give him a heads up. He had not heard about it since I am his only sale. Both recalls and this will have to wait for Spring. The car is literally in cold storage, the attached basement garage usually runs 50 deg in winter, with no added heat, is 35 deg now...
  9. Cracks in Hood Support

    I talked to my dealer today. Ford has not sent out any service notices yet.
  10. AutoXing a GT500?

    Be sure and post here how it went. My son'law rally crosses a 2001 Subie awd sedan, but grass/dirt and mud ain't my bag. I've never even attended an auto cross, but I'd like to give it a try. Is your run on the 20th. a SCCA region event? How do they put cars in classes?
  11. 2020 GT500 Registry - Add Yours

    1585 Melmark93 (L1307)
  12. AutoXing a GT500?

    What are everyone's thoughts about autocrossing a GT500? As far as road courses go, I live in a black hole, 4-5 hrs away, in all directions. AutoX events are held locally by the SCCA at airports & parking lots. I suspect that a Miata will hand me my arse, but it could be fun.
  13. UPR's 2020 GT500 Single Valve Catch Can System

    Where they locate the can is a real tight space, 2" between the wiring harness and the metal AC line minus the width of the intercooler hose. They had to have bent the AC line over and they added a tighter kink to the neck of the intercooler. The wiring harness will not move at all. Good luck...
  14. 2020 GT500 Total Units Built - By Color

    " mine is the least produced, so I picked best color" 😛 I didn't want Jmeo to be disappointed. Cars with black stripes do look "smoother". My white stripes look "broken up" by the hood vent, dark windows, front&back and the spoiler.
  15. How rare is a Shelby Really?

    Zack, how many 500s have you sold? If I recall your first one went to "Jin" in Michigan. Seems like most of the Iowa cars left the state. In a Facebook group of around 500 Mustangs in Iowa, I'm the only one that I know of in a 50mi radius of Iowa City.
  16. Larger Diameter Front Tire Question

    I added an abs skid plate to protect my sho n sto plate bracket. Made out of a 6x6x3/4" abs block. Its sort of like a super slip low and is held on by the 2 splitter bolts. It takes lots of abuse.
  17. Cracks in Hood Support

    My crack is in this same location, outboard of the stop and is a suffix A.
  18. Cracks in Hood Support

    Mine has a crack just like yours on the passenger side near the bump stop, but the same place on the driver side has only a hint of a crack. Every where else is ok. Your white makes them really show up. On kona blue I would have never spotted them even though lint from a dust towel had snagged...
  19. 2020 GT500 and DTC Codes/Concerns

    The huge connector mounted on the right strut tower & under the tower brace matches the color code on pins 1, 21 & 41 of the female connector, black/white-brown/black. It's protected by the heat shield, so it's hard to see all the pins.