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  1. Daily Drivers: Does It Ever Get Easier?

    Mine is not an R but is a daily. Roads here are decent but having had many lowered cars I understand what it is like to own one. Bottoming the suspension is never a concern. Hitting the splitter is something to be aware of since the S550 has a very long frontal overhang but otherwise I use it...
  2. Should I Buy It?

    Also do t recall if it has the carbon fiber rims. From what you describe it is most definitely not an R.
  3. Should I Buy It?

    You did not mention if it has the larger splitter or wing. There should not be a mustang on the steering wheel or anywhere on the rest of the car. Do the seats have red stitching?
  4. Tach on the Right?!

    100%. It was reference to the classic Porsche layout I meant as well.
  5. Tach on the Right?!

    If not centered then I think I prefer it on the left as the important portion of the dial is closer to the center of my sight line. Have not owned a car before with it on the right but feel like redline would be too far right and not in direct line of sight.
  6. Guys, how important is the “Shelby” name to the enjoyment of your car?

    My personal take on this is that the Shelby name brings with it a higher state of tune or other characteristic that elevates it above the model it is based on. It’s not unlike AMG to Mercedes or M to BMW. In this case the engine is truly special (and what made this car an almost must have)...
  7. 2017 owner manual supplement

    I caught that too. Maybe it had an engine replacement.
  8. Key fob idea?

    I have not seen 2019+ fob, can anyone put up a photo? I’ve always felt that my fob (2017) was much too chunky and wanted something slimmer.
  9. Questioning Gen 2 voodoo reliability

    Asian guy here that must be two snowballls short of a damn blizzard!!! I bought my car new and just rolled past 38,000 miles. Mine is a daily driven car and the downsides others have spoken about are their opinions and while valid for those individualsI it is not for everyone. I am not the...
  10. Gt350 or Supra

    I have to mostly agree with what has been said. It seems as if you are asking for others to tell you which car to buy. That implies you do not know which one you like best, which would be the most important thing. I dislike the Supra for many reasons but they have incredible cred as well as...
  11. Heater Temp Contol Issue- hot air blows all of the time

    Mine does this as well. Irritating for sure. Switching cents to defrost stops the hot air from blowing. Some idiot suggested running the A/C but that is stupid and not a fix. Have never took it in for this since I found a work around that does not require running another system just to...
  12. Why is oil level such a PITA to determine?

    Have to admit I have not heard of this. What is the capacity from 2018 onward? My 2017 engine takes 10 quarts.
  13. High mileage Voodoo engine >100k

    Completely agree. When I broke mine in I was diligent to not just follow the factory recommendation but also use some knowledge gained as a young man learning as much about cars as I could. That meant changing the oil early and often during break in to remove any particulate matter that may...
  14. Why is oil level such a PITA to determine?

    Considering the overall completeness of sensors throughout the car I so very much would have liked it if Ford had included oil quantity indication. Does not make the dipstick irrelevant but is very useful once the relationship between what the gauge readings and actual dip reading.
  15. Is there a better battery with higher CCA that fits our battery casing

    Funnily enough, I definitely overthought this and ended up with a conventional albeit higher capacity replacement. I had it set in my mind to get as much improvement as I could but circumstances said otherwise. The irony is if this replacement lasts at least as long as the stock battery, my...
  16. Is there a better battery with higher CCA that fits our battery casing

    I would agree that an AGM battery should have advantages. My only hesitation was looking over the Odyssey application chart and saw that mist weigh a bit over 50 lbs I don’t know if the Intersrates are any less. I drug my feet too long anyway and when I had starting issues yesterday I...
  17. Is there a better battery with higher CCA that fits our battery casing

    Would have liked to shed some weight and go with an AG lithium battery but after reading some members experiences and that mine nearly crapped out this morning I did the same as several others and did the Costco Interstate 96r. It drops right in. The case depth seems to be fractionally more...
  18. Throttle Body Difference

    I was also a beta tester. The unit I received did not have the added aggressive machining I believe all units now have. My experience has been very good with no issues to date and I have been running it now for a full year. As has been said, Mike has been fantastic. He offered to add the...
  19. New Soler 95mm Throttle Body

    Definitely an easy install. No real surprises. Took less than 15 minutes to swap mine. That said don’t rush and you should not run into any problems.