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  1. SVE R357 gloss graphite on grey pictures.

    Carbonized grey looks similar to magnetic metallic. I'll link this post as it's what helped me make my mind up on going bronze. https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/whipple-stage-2-19-gt-premium-10-speed-401a-pp1-1-213-miles-bmr-eibach-borla-sp-lt.143485/ I had stock PP1 before which were...
  2. First set of wheels and tires, will these sizes work?

    I just mounted my staggered 357s last month. I went with 285/35/19 PS4 in the front and 305/35/19 PSS in the rear. I'm at stock height but installing Steeda magneride springs as soon as I get a free weekend. The 357s are made for perfect fitment on these cars so you won't need any spacers. One...
  3. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    SVE R357 10/11 staggered. 305 Pilot Super Sport/285 PS4s Still monster trucking. Steeda springs on hand. Just need to install.
  4. Ford Pass Says My Car...

    I suspect this might be the issue with my 21 Transit Connect. I can remote start at home in the morning. Drive 5 minutes to my office and park. By the time I get to my desk the app is telling me features have been disabled to conserve battery. I disabled the modem once and reconnected it to...
  5. Tire selection WWYD

    I settled on and placed my tire order today. I’m using a local shop so paying a bit more but I shop local when I can. Going Pilot Sport 4s 285/35/19 in front and PSS 305/35/19 in the rear. I should be able to mount the new wheels next week. I’ll post pics when I do.
  6. Tire selection WWYD

    Bummer. I'm on the Mason Dixon line. I had thought about going that route. Do you have any regrets running PS4 on the front and PSS on the rear? I read it's not a good idea generally by I think the two are close enough it shouldn't matter much? I've tried every combination of tire in the tire...
  7. JACK STAND's --> Daytona or Pittsburgh? via Harbor freight...........

    I bought the Daytona long throw low profile one. Works great on the GT. They have coupons for them just about every other day.
  8. 1st to 2nd Grind

    I've had this with my MT82. I first thought it was due to me not having the clutch fully engaged. Paying more attention it happens near read line. I've since changed my shifter and have new fluid to install. Not sure if that will help. Those two things are not an attempt to correct it.
  9. Discount code?

    Hi Benny, Looking for a code for M-1180-B. Thank you!
  10. Tire selection WWYD

    What part MD are you in? Might be local enough to me that I could take a look at your setup.
  11. Tire selection WWYD

    Yeah, it was a honest oversight on my part. I have a freakin spreadsheet of all the wheel/tire combos I was looking at and mixed up the fact that PS4’s don’t come in a 305/35. I did see the PSS and also thought about going that route but did not mention it in my post.
  12. Tire selection WWYD

    Need some advise on tire selection. I finally ordered my 19” 10/11 SVE R357 wheels. I had my heart set on sticking with Michelin PS4 front and rear and was going with 275/35 in the front and 305/35 in the rear but they don’t some in that size for the rear. I also have Steeda Sport for Magneride...
  13. MGW Shifter Boot Hatred! 😡 - UPDATE: Used Stock Boot! 🤦‍♂️

    I had no trouble at all. Maybe mine was made out of spec. It almost slipped on. The only difficult part I had was getting the ridged bottom part to fit in the tunnel hole but it only took about 5 minutes of fiddling with it and it was done. However, I did spend what felt like 4 hours on the...
  14. Maryland K&N 33-5029 drop in filter NIB

    This filter was included in the K&N air tube kit I recently purchased. I already have one in the S550 so selling this one off. Everywhere I searched they are $65 new. $50 including shipping to continental US.
  15. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Since I f-ed up my stock intake tube I decided to replace it with the K&N series 57 kit. I already had a drop in filter but it came with one so I’ll sell it cheap for anyone thinking about picking one up. I still need to yank out the sound tube. Waiting on a plug to come in.
  16. Anyone Else Have Progressive Insurance?

    I’ve been Progressive direct for around 20 years. Currently have 6 autos and a boat policy. Only had one accident claim about 10 years ago had around $8k repair to a less than 1 year old Focus. A couple of windshield claims over the years as well.
  17. Brake Booster Vacuum hose broken

    Came across this looking for that same fitting. I broke mine today while installing a new coolant reservoir. I don’t think I bumped it very hard but it snapped right off. I have not tried turning out the elbow yet. Wondering if the elbow can be replaced with a metal elbow. So far I have found...
  18. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Today I did two things. I installed the Mishimoto cooling resevoir and while doing so broke this air port dohicky when I inadvertently knocked it. Anyone know if this is sold without buying the entire hose? What is it called? From the looks of the cost of the air intake hose I may as well buy an...
  19. Anyone else happy not to drive their mustang and just look at it?

    I haven't driven mine in over a week but I still go to garage several times per day and take a peak. I'm collecting some parts to install over the winter so I can scratch that itch. Temps are supposed to be back in the 50's on the 31st so we might take it for one last cruise as long as they...
  20. NEW S550 Mustang Sequential LED Tail Lights from FORM Lighting!

    I ordered mine a few weeks ago and already installed. They look great.