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  1. Mustang v. Plaid

    My Plaid has FSD capability and I rarely use it. Only long and straight drives do I use it. The FSD has a long way to go. Way too finicky, slow turning with random breaking. Definitely don't trust it.
  2. GT350R vs Plaid LOL. Corners matter

    Only thing i miss about my 3 s550s was the sound. I wouldn't sell my Plaid to go back to s550. I often wonder what I would buy if I would sell it but for what I'm looking for, speed, beat pretty much anything on the street, comfort, fit the family, there is nothing.
  3. GT350R vs Plaid LOL. Corners matter

    Who is buying a 4 door heavyweight plaid so they can race it on track with never ending corners? That seems ridiculous. As well as this comparison. It's a 4 door tank, and you are comparing it to a purpose built car. Put the driver from the gt350 in the plaid for a few laps and the outcome...
  4. GT vs Tesla

    The only thing it can't do is make noise. It can do anything and everything. Having the ability to drive me from pont A to point B with a click of a button is kind of neat. Full charge for 6 bucks, low 9s @ 150+, every creature comfort, adjustable suspension on the fly, kid watching movies on a...
  5. GT vs Tesla

    Doesn't make the car not enjoyable/fun. A 40 hit in a plaid takes your breath away - very violent. I mean, literally, its like a punch in your chest. Similar feel as the instant tq/power of twin screw car but multiply that by a lot. And marvel of engineering... isn't that exactly what an EV is...
  6. GT vs Tesla

    As a result of these incidents, the United States Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted a study in 2017 to establish whether lithium-ion batteries in plug-electric vehicles pose an exceptional fire hazard. The research looked at whether...
  7. GT vs Tesla

    There were 1529.9 fires per 100k for gas vehicles and just 25.1 fires per 100k sales for electric vehicles.Oct 3, 2022 https://www.autoweek.com › news How Much Should You Worry About EV Fires? - Autoweek We established a global EV battery fire database to find out Our research found there's a...
  8. GT vs Tesla

    Very easy to drive around town or even the freeway. Autopilot/FSD is convenient for the commute to and from work. The one pedal driving is nice. It works most of the time but if you do a little hard accelerating, you will need to use the brakes. The mach e gt allowed one pedal driving to be...
  9. GT vs Tesla

    I have my plaid set to charge at my house from 11pm-6am, only costs 6 cents a kilowatt between those hours. Believe its around 100 kilowatt battery. Range is 350 miles or so, which isn't accurate with how I drive it. Also, come winter, I'm guessing range will be cut way down with cold weather...
  10. GT vs Tesla

    I had a mach e GT for about 3 weeks. Not a fan. Couldn't get past how hideous it was. It was okay speed wise until about 70 and from there, it fell in its face.
  11. GT vs Tesla

    There are plenty of fast cars around but have been unable to find any to mess around with in the Plaid. Heck, when I had my TT S550, there weren't many people around to mess around with. There is no replacing the sound of the twin turbos hauling ass in my old car - I do miss it. Crazy thing is...
  12. GT vs Tesla

    I have a model s plaid. The car is pretty wild but I do miss the sound of a rumbling V8. Dont miss it enough to get rid of the plaid but definitely weird going so fast without any sound. Have had it about a month now and so far so good. I made the huge switch to the plaid as i was looking for...
  13. Wow sold the Ford F-150 Lightning Electric truck and cashed out and bought this to replace it😎

    Just did something similar with my mach e gt. Didn't get the money you got but did get 6k more than I paid. Gt500 looks great.
  14. What can we do for You?

    Rubber floor mats for a 2022 Mach E GT. Price?
  15. Tracking a Car Shipped By Rail

    My car always said inactive on website but somehow showed up at dealer already. Never was active on United Road.
  16. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Wow. 14 days... what's another 14 days after waiting 6 months...
  17. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Pretty sure it changed to 1500 for vehicle orders placed by today.
  18. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Anyone know how long Chapman is taking to process/finalize deal once the car arrives at dealership from Ford?
  19. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    My car shows it's at Chapman now. It looks like Ford has a $1500 incentive for vehicles ordered now. It ends tomorrow so wonder if Chapman can back date the deal for the 5th to get the extra 500 as I'm sure it will take a while for them to get the paperwork/ car ready.