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  1. Well… F$@k!

    Officially totaled out yesterday. Geico paid out $31,410 to FMC, leaving about $6k for my gap insurance to pick up. This is my second totaled vehicle in seven months. The first was my 2021 Ford Ranger, weather related, driving during a tropical storm, ended up rolling a couple times off the...
  2. Well… F$@k!

    I’m with GEICO. We’ll see what happens. My policy is a SC policy. SC law sets out equal to or greater than 75% of FMV as the threshold for total loss. I’m fairly certain I’m over that.
  3. radar detectors

    I'm usually the rabbit. :crackup:
  4. Well… F$@k!

    I meant that they haven't actually called me, yet.
  5. Well… F$@k!

    I haven't gotten the official word yet, but the damage estimate just showed up in my app. $28,231.50. Booooooo. After thinking about it over the last few days, I'm probably not going to get another Mustang for a while. I'm going to take the opportunity to try for a lower car payment plus, as...
  6. radar detectors

    R7. Best one I’ve ever had. I’ve never owned a V1, though.
  7. Well… F$@k!

    I appreciate the sentiments, but it’s all good. I have a thick skin and it’s the internet. I think most of the turning the head discussion wasn’t geared towards me specifically, but came about as a discussion regarding turning your head or using the convex mirrors, with some BLIS thrown in...
  8. Well… F$@k!

    I did not. The officer gave me a warning for improper lane change. That's unusual, in my experience. I live in SC and have a SC plate on the car. GA law enforcement usually has no mercy for out of state drivers, since most out of state drivers don't fight tickets, they just pay them.
  9. Well… F$@k!

    GEICO is inspecting on Monday. I’ll let y’all know, in case anyone is taking bets.
  10. Well… F$@k!

    Thanks for the input guys. No excuses here. Shit happens, for sure. A tractor-trailer can hide behind your A-pillar at the right angle. But if you pull out in front of a vehicle that you don’t see, it’s still your fault. I’m cracking everybody up right now, because I’m checking mirror-blind...
  11. Well… F$@k!

    I failed in not checking them both. Had I checked both, perhaps I’d have seen the light. I usually do check both. I don’t know why I didn’t see it this time. I can’t explain how I didn’t see the truck This. I (almost, I guess) check the mirror and turn my head. Even in the Mustang, the...
  12. Well… F$@k!

    Sadly, this is correct. I honestly didn't check the mirror again, I checked the blind spot. I was changing lanes from right to left, shortly after merging onto the interstate. Traffic was heavy. I checked the mirror and my blind spot and there was a white pickup truck. As he went by, I...
  13. Well… F$@k!

    I’m not so sure the frame is bent there. I can’t afford to buy it back. Plus, I think I found a race red GT 401A that I’m in love with. We’ll see what happens.
  14. Well… F$@k!

    No airbag deployment.
  15. Well… F$@k!

  16. Well… F$@k!

    Good call.
  17. Well… F$@k!

    I mean, the headlights and tail lights are intact. Should be good to go!
  18. Well… F$@k!

    My turn for the totaled or not totaled game…. Traveling on I-516 headed into Savannah, I checked to see if I was clear for a lane change and somehow missed seeing the huge, red Dodge Ram. It was like a reverse pit maneuver. Suddenly I’m waving at the other driver through my driver window...
  19. Dumbass of the day award

    Glad to see it was an accident and not a total loss of control. A little beep on the horn may have worked better. Let the guy know there's someone waiting behind him.
  20. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Thanks. That's what I thought. And, I'm pretty sure mine easily went in when first installed. I'll play with it.