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  1. Cortex boost controller

    I have mine above my performance pack gauges on the dash. I've seen some people put it to their left, above the driver side air vent. I've also seen someone put it in between their speedo and tach (I like to keep an eye on the CHTs and IATs, but it becomes difficult to see which is why I'm not...
  2. Low boost Paxton with 3.33 pulley

    You could try running positive pressure through it. Just buy some plumbing equipment and only other thing you’ll need is a compressor. Make a custom cap for the blower that seals off where the filter goes and has a fitting to connect to the compressor, then run pressure through it. You’ll find...
  3. Testing the Limits of Your Stock Motor Coyote

    It'll of course be tougher, but anything is possible. Really just depends on how frisky you're feeling and how far you're willing to push it. Think I know of 1 gen 3 car, not sure which gen whipple in the 8s stock motor. There are more 8 second stock motor turbo cars because turbos are a more...
  4. Clunk Sound When Turning Either Direction

    I don't have a sway bar anymore since I have the bmr k member. It's difficult to pinpoint the sound exactly but sounds like it's coming more from the center of the car. I feel like it's the steering rack but just trying to see if someone has experienced something similar.
  5. Clunk Sound When Turning Either Direction

    Hi guys, I have a sneaking suspicion my steering rack is bad but I want to hear your input. Symptoms: When turning EITHER direction, the car makes a loud pop that can be heard from inside and outside the car. It doesn’t really need to be particularly sharp either, a 90* turn will do it. I can...
  6. Testing the Limits of Your Stock Motor Coyote

    Swapped to a T56 magnum xl Had to work out some small kinks but it’s been holding out great the last couple of years.
  7. Testing the Limits of Your Stock Motor Coyote

    Should do fine 👌. Might check your heads while they're off
  8. Testing the Limits of Your Stock Motor Coyote

    If those dragy times were taken while racing someone, does that mean I’m a dragy drag racer? If not, and I can only qualify to be a drag racer if I start from a standing stop, then you can keep the label. I’m too broke to deal with all those problems 😂
  9. Testing the Limits of Your Stock Motor Coyote

    Yes there is a list of asterisks, but they’re not difficult to fulfill, and doing them can help achieve the goals that my intended target audience may have. For example, if they’re unable to achieve that 8 second pass, or they can’t beat their friends zr1, or they can’t get their 1000whp dyno...
  10. Testing the Limits of Your Stock Motor Coyote

    I understand your point, but my post is targeted to those that typically ask the question, “how much will the stock motor hold?”, because they are trying to build a drag car with the most power output that their car will handle. Of course there are other applications that aren’t drag racing...
  11. Testing the Limits of Your Stock Motor Coyote

    How long had you been running it at that boost? Had your tuner reviewed everything at that power? Yep, lifted the passenger head back in 2020, so threw it back together with springs and studs and she’s been running strong since then 💪 The beauty of turbos is just how easy it is to turn it up...
  12. Testing the Limits of Your Stock Motor Coyote

    Yep, I always tell people it's immensely important to grow with the car. Gives you time to learn and understand it. It's only been roll raced, although I think a big portion of why it's been healthy so long is because rolls really don't stress the car the way digs do. Also I know this doesn't...
  13. Testing the Limits of Your Stock Motor Coyote

    Yeah pump E85. Usually around 19*
  14. Testing the Limits of Your Stock Motor Coyote

    I frequently see builders, tuners, keyboard warriors, etc post about what coyotes can handle, whether it’s reliably, non reliably, “just 1 time”, and so on. While I understand why they are so quick to place those thresholds, people tend to blindly take it as FACT, which I feel really holds many...
  15. Head gaskets for boosted gen 2

    When I lifted a head, I threw it back together with arp head studs and stock head gaskets. Car has seen a 18+ PSI probably 40 times since then and hasn't skipped a beat 👍 I also make it a point to minimize back to back pulls
  16. Dragy 60 - 130 Predictor of Horsepower ?

    Peak of 19 psi in 3rd gear which it held until 130 (I stretch 3rd out instead of shifting into 4th. I usually shift around 120 mph). Still a stock gen 2 motor with 50k miles
  17. Dragy 60 - 130 Predictor of Horsepower ?

    You can be fast in a manual too, just gotta make the powa 😉 Car has seen more boost than this as well. No dragy times but it runs with 3.9-4.1 cars
  18. Dragy 60 - 130 Predictor of Horsepower ?

    It's a good metric of how quick a car is, but not necessarily horsepower. The problem with estimating horsepower from a time is that it doesn't take into account variable like weight, drag, auto or manual, traction, etc. But for a typical mustang weight, auto, and assuming traction is fine...
  19. Boost controller help

    If you have a 3 port solenoid for the gfb, you should try purchasing a 4 port and replumbing. You'll be able to make more boost on less duty cycle. I'd guess you could make maybe 16 psi at 100% duty cycle with 4 lb springs. On board air or co2 are other solutions
  20. Comp oil less turbos

    In my sig, 6467s w/vband inlet and outlets. Water cooled ones (don't have experience with their air cooled ones).