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  1. Ford Axing all cars except Mustang and Focus Active Crossover in North America

    Is this what people were saying when the station wagon was going out of fashion, too?
  2. Ford Axing all cars except Mustang and Focus Active Crossover in North America

    Yeah, the Japanese domination is probably another reason Ford left the market. They can't compete. And why would they if the Sedan is heading towards an inevitable irrelevance? I mean it's still a big market, but all signs show it in a sharp decline.
  3. Ford Axing all cars except Mustang and Focus Active Crossover in North America

    The MPG difference is as drastic as it was when gas was $4 a gallon. I'm sure Ford will cut it close enough that people will still choose SUV over sedan. It's profitable, but obviously they're betting they'll be more profitable without sedans.
  4. Ford Axing all cars except Mustang and Focus Active Crossover in North America

    Ballsy. I think Ford is making the right move. It's hard to see sedans making a comeback. If Ford can position itself as the top trucks and SUVs brand then they will be doing very well for the foreseeable future. edit: Lot of mention of gas prices. Ford wouldn't be doing this move if they...
  5. 18 MY Saleen front end unveiled

    Looks terrible imo.
  6. 647 19” wheels

    Those look fantastic. But the wheel gap in those pics looks better than my stock car with 18's.
  7. i was not fully convinced on the 18' front end..until i saw this....

    Regardless if you like the style or not, it looks newer/sleeker and thus makes 2015 look a bit older. I wonder when my 2015 will actually feel "old".
  8. Will probably switch back to BMW. (No, not a troll!)

    My family owned a BMW and they switched to Lexus because of the maintenance. As soon as the car hit 50k miles it was nonstop problems and cost. Seeing that helped me make the decision for V6 mustang since it's reliable and has cheap parts.
  9. Stepped up to a 18GTPP from a 15v6

    Congrats, dude. I'm gonna be upgrading my V6 in like 3-5 years but it's gonna have be a family car.
  10. Placed an Order for a 2018 Yesterday

    Awesome, dude. What color?
  11. 2018 Roush Mustang teasers:)

    I like the grill I hate the protruding plastic under the blinker lights.
  12. Wrap complete on the mustang, what do you guys think.

    Got any pics? Had to skim like 90% of your video to find the car. Annoying. Anyway, I like it. It seems safe to me. The color scheme isn't far off from stock paint options, but it's not metallic. Just enough to be different.
  13. The local Ford dealer trying to tempt me

    It's annoying for people who can use their because a lot of the time dealers will just hold out and try to sell to some ding dong who goes purely off of monthly payments.
  14. Deciding Between EB and V6

    Awesome. Fuck those dealers playing games. I'm happy they lost a sale. I'm sure the car will be great for many years to come.
  15. Drove a 51k 18 gt

    I hate that this car has been "beaten" and now it's going to be sold.
  16. Ordered an 18 Today!!!

    No offense to OP and congratulations, but yeah this seems to be very common and I don't get it. Very expensive, but if you're in a situation where you can afford it comfortably more power to you.
  17. What is the deal with Showstopper Red interiors?

    Red has become very popular. But does it cost more as an option? If yes, that's the main reason dealers would order it. They usually option the hell out of new cars.
  18. Deciding Between EB and V6

    Isn't it the other way around? Both cars will get 30+ mpg on the highway. Eco will have a higher city mpg if you drive nicely. I'm late to the thread but just gonna reiterate the main points for V6 (yeah I have one so i'm biased). Cheaper buy and maintenance and its bulletproof. Those were...
  19. 2018 Mustangs Arrive in Canada!

    The 2017's are on the lot because they want to sell them first. I really don't like how the fangs on the hood start from the side.
  20. 2018 grief

    Would that be a new lease? I see a lot of people contemplating trading up and I'm just thinking to myself how expensive that is for a car of only 3 years.