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  1. Steering Rack Issues

    were you able to figure out what the issue was? I'm experiencing something similar as well
  2. 10r80 funky drive

    Correct. I am being steady while it’s doing this
  3. 10r80 funky drive

    Ahh okok. Yeah I was looking into replacing the roque converter since the trans is already built now as is. Do you remember what solenoid had to get replaced? I may have that looked into as well.
  4. 10r80 funky drive

    It’s crazy that you said that because that’s the only thought reason I had in my head. Did you replace with another stock one or the circle D? And what kinda symptoms were you having. Did you have to replace the whole trans? (Please say no)
  5. 10r80 funky drive

    Here’s the video
  6. 10r80 funky drive

    I have a 10r80 trams rebuilt with a suncoast stafe 2 transmission, dual pump fore fuel system, v7 ysi and corsa full exhaust, Lund tuned for e85 on a small pulley. The issue I’m having is that as the trans fluid temps warms up, it jerks between gears and surges in certain gears and you can see...
  7. 18x5 Front skinnies clearance issues

    Can you send the exact link for this please? With just the front springs instead of the front and rear as a pack since I already have bmr rear springs
  8. 18x5 Front skinnies clearance issues

    Yeah. I just might end up going with the oems. Someone else responded to the thread and said they didn’t have clearance issues with bmr front drag springs. I wanna find out exactly which ones they’re referring to
  9. 18x5 Front skinnies clearance issues

    Do you remember the bmr drag spring item number? Or even the link for it
  10. 18x5 Front skinnies clearance issues

    Yeah I’ve been doing some research on that too. I saw some BMR front drag springs that lowers the front to about 1.2inches and I figured that’s still too low also. I believe I’m just gonna revert back to the stock front springs. Just a little bummed that I can’t match the whole set as I already...
  11. 18x5 Front skinnies clearance issues

    What front drag springs would give me clearance on my 18x5 front skinnies on 28x4.5-18 tires?
  12. does any 5x114.3 fits on our mus??

    So you’re saying that if I have a 2020 pp1 GT with front brembos, these race star front skinnies will bolt on but not clear the actual brake calipers?
  13. 10r80 transmission Code P0772 & P2704

    Update on this issue! I got this fixed back in August and forgot to make a post about it. I ended up having to replace my valve-body and that solved all my issues with this. ALSO, make sure when refilling trans fluid, you are doing this with the transmission at OPERATING TEMPERATURES or you will...
  14. 10r80 transmission Code P0772 & P2704

    So last night while cruising out of a residence, when pressing the gas the car wouldnt move. I stopped, turned it off then turned it on again. When I did this and put the car into D, the gears jumped to 10th gear and back to 7th all while being stationary, the car didnt move at all. The only...
  15. Smaller pulley but very short coming results???

    That’s actually a fair estimate of what myself and my builder were expecting, number wise. But to answer those questions, different dyno, I’m unsure of the weather during the previous dyno, same tires though. I also don’t know the boost psi that was output during these pulls. I’ll attach a...
  16. Smaller pulley but very short coming results???

    Ok. Thank you for this. I’ll check for the belt dust and i guess I’ll send the data log in the midst of all this as well. Hoping this can clarify my confusion and solve the issue.
  17. Smaller pulley but very short coming results???

    I agree. They’re upgraded though. I have a SunCoast stage 2 trans rebuild kit on it
  18. Smaller pulley but very short coming results???

    What would be a tell sign of belt slip? and with mixture controls im assuming that's something that'd only show through the data logs? & i have no idea what the current plugs are gapped to. Could you explain how this could also be a reason please?
  19. Smaller pulley but very short coming results???

    No cats. Full corsa exhaust system. Headers & catback exhuast, x pipe. Any other ideas as to what could be the issue?