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  1. Found my old 69 Mustang grande for sale!

    What's also weird is when you post a listing, "price" is entered by the seller before the make and model, yet I dont see a price on any car on the website.
  2. Found my old 69 Mustang grande for sale!

    Yea wouldnt have expected that to be a thing...
  3. Found my old 69 Mustang grande for sale!

    I haven't had any regrets for selling. I love the 2015 I was able to get with the money... but now that I found it, i would love to have it back. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a response so, for now at least, this story is super anticlimactic.
  4. Found my old 69 Mustang grande for sale!

    Hi all, I didnt really know where to post this so I apologize if I'm in the wrong place.... Anyway i used to be on this site daily back when the s550 was just an idea. After ordering, I've seldom been here since but I have a story I need to share. Back in 2014 I was the 24 year old owner of...
  5. First Major Network Commercial?

    1st Mustang commercial Just saw what I think is the 1st tv ad during big bang theory and... it was lame. It just wasn't exciting and seemed very ordinary. Basically just a few average looking people driving, smiling and looking very cliche for a car ad. Can't find it online yet though. Did...
  6. 2015 Owners-Biggest Surprises/Disappointments so far

    My one disappointment is my galaxy s4 doesn't fit in the compartment to the left of the steering wheel. If that's my only complaint that's saying something. I f'in love this car
  7. My first mustang!

    That insurance is so cheap. Must be nice. 25 male here, 1 ticket 5 years ago, no accidents. 1853/year for eco prem. But anyway... congrats on the ride, best of luck.
  8. My $1,900 Test Drive

    That's exactly what happens. Mine came in Monday with a relatively deep scratch on the front right. It's being fixed by Friday. They don't always completely replace everything, still gets sold as new. The purchaser is usually none the wiser.
  9. My competition orange 50th anniversary package GT *exhaust vid added*

    My god. I think these are easily the best comp orange pics I've seen. They look professional. Awesome!
  10. 50th Appearance Package or 20 inch wheels?

    I'm kind of the opposite. I want everything to say 50 years. The 2016-2019 mustangs will just be mustangs. I wanted my car to be unique so in a few years it still stands out as an anniversary edition, even if it is only the appearance package.
  11. ? for people who ordered a car, license plate holes?

    I dont know if the price dropped but I ordered the manual flip license plate bracket from American muscle. I thought 49.99 was a good deal. Overnight for another 8 bucks cause the car's already here. And yes the bumper came with dimples for where the holes should go. I'll live with them.
  12. quitting cotus, I'm done with it

    I wasted so much time worrying about damage I couldn't help but laugh when I saw it. I'm sure it'll be fixed up and I'd be none the wiser if not for cotus source code.
  13. Odometer Miles at Pickup

    Mine was delivered today. Don't know what happened if anything before I got there but it had 21.2 miles on it.
  14. quitting cotus, I'm done with it

    Because I don't need it anymore! Car was delivered today. For anyone that may remember my previous posts about vehicle damage, it turns out it was a nice little gash about 8 inches or so just in front of the front right wheel. Kinda sucks but they'll have it fixed and good as new by the end of...
  15. MFT screen wallpaper sharing thread

    Lol its the tail! Center the feet and the tail is too far right. Center the body and the head and feet are too far left. Haha
  16. MFT screen wallpaper sharing thread

    Thanks for this. I hate to nitpick but i think my ocd is getting the best of me here. Can the pony over the 50 be moved over a bit to the right? I think the feet should be centered between the 5 and 0. It just looks a bit off to me. Hope its not too much trouble, Ill be using this in my car...
  17. Where is the publicity?

    I don't know if I agree that there is "enough buzz" I don't think the general public has any idea theres a redesigned mustang. Like you said the buzz is in the automotive world with the enthusiasts and car mag readers. I'm not sure public awareness is that widespread that a commercial during...
  18. Just Got Convert Build Date

    Ahh nothing says top down driving like december... kidding of course. Congrats
  19. Saying bye to the '14 in the morning.

    Please do tell, im about to trade in for the ecoboost too. im guessing by ECOBUST it must be the engine you dont like? anything else?
  20. 21 days and still in transit...

    It does seem long.. but it does say right on your screenshot that transit times vary from 12-28 days so you can't say they didn't warn you.