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  1. Double Disappointment

    In April I traded in my loaded / heavily modified 2019 Mustang GT Premium to eliminate the $800 a month car / insurance payment. I am now retired and any car I have is used to drive to Publix, Target, and doctor’s office. Not exactly performance car needs. When I bought the GT, I traded in a...
  2. iOS 13 Apple Carplay

    Has anyone tried the iOS 13 beta with the new Apple Carplay? Does it work with Sync 3 or will we need a Sync 3 update for it to work? Looking at the info about it, I am looking forward to using it. I do not like the single screen of the current Carplay.
  3. My Mustang Became a Man

    Yesterday my 2015 Mustang Ecoboost Premium grew up and became a 2019 Mustang GT Premium, I got the Performanace Package, 401A Group, Active Exhaust, B&O Sound,10 Speed Auto, and Safe & Smart Package. Driving it back to Ocala from Gainesville you could not wipe the smile from my face. I live in a...
  4. Rear View Camera Gone Wonky

    Has anyone's rear view camera looked like below? If you have what did the fix end up being. This started yesterday afternoon when I backed out the parking spot at work. I plan to take it to the dealer when I have a chance.
  5. Three Days to Install Motegi Wheels

    I ordered the Motegi Racing MR118 wheels in black to install on my 2015 Ecoboost Premimum from CARiD. They arrived last Monday and I took them Tuesday to have NTB swap out the wheels. I had both the installation wheel nuts and some McGard that I ordered that were supposed to fit. They put my...
  6. 18 in. Wheel Source

    I am looking to upgrade my wheels but I am having problems find someone that has 18x8 or 18x8.5 wheels. Most that have 18 in. wheels are 18x9 or 18x10. Does anyone know of a source that has a good selection of wheels at the size that I am looking for?