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  1. 2015 Mustang Appearances

    At least Ford will have the 2015 F150 there...no word of the Mustang.
  2. 2015 Mustang Appearances

    No word on the Mustang, but the 2015 F150 will be there.

    I also attended the Portland Auto Show and viewed the Comp Orange Mustang. For those interested in this color, Smitty's first photo of the the car (above) is very true to what you can expect. Any portrayals of the car that appear reddish are not true to the actual color. My impression of the car...
  4. 2.3L EcoBoost 2015 Mustang Engine Spotted

    With the tight fit of the 4-banger in that engine bay, it's difficult to imagine how Ford managed to fit a V6 let alone a V8 engine into that space.
  5. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    The Comp Orange I saw at Portland yesterday left me with no impression whatsoever except to say after a glance at it "Well OK, I've seen it...time to move on". :shrug:
  6. 2015 Mustang Appearances

    Or is it trippple yellow? :)
  7. 2015 Mustang Appearances

    I attended the Portland International Auto Show today and viewed both the Competition Orange S550 (likely a base 2.3EB but with huge brakes) and the 2015 F-150. Very candidly, I did not care for the orange color and was underwhelmed with the Mustang, perhaps because I expected too much or the...
  8. All 2015+ Mustang S550 renders / chops compilation

    As an old aviator, it appears to me that the pictured spoiler would act more as a wing at a high attack angle than a downward pushing device to improve rear wheel traction.
  9. 2015 Mustang GT manual shifter

    No wonder Ford didn't require a bailout like GM & Chrysler.
  10. paddle shifters

    Paddle shifters are available on all auto tranny models.
  11. Why no Naturally Aspirated 3.5L?

    I would cast a vote for inclusion of the F-150's 2.7EB V6 in the Mustang engine lineup, but not at the expense of either of the NA V6s. I have a bias which favors the lesser issues (possible or actual) associated with NA vis-Ă -vis both GDI and turbo induction engines and I'm not in need of...
  12. 2015 Mustang GT350 Spied With Less Camo

    That car looks like it's running on snowshoes.
  13. Detailed look at the 2015 Mustang's I4 Ecoboost Engine

    During the cold war, I flew a NAVY recon plane with twin Wright 3350 engines. EACH engine had a remote sump containing 80 gallons of engine oil. Commonly, we would return from 12 hour flights over the Pacific with only 20 gallons of oil remaining in each of the sumps. At low elevations to avoid...
  14. Render with narrower grille, wider headlights

    What happened to the turn signals? They're required by law.
  15. My neighbor wants a 15GT to!!! what to do???

    Buy both the 2015 Mustang AND a 2015 King Ranch F-150 and proudly display both your wealth & your loyalty to Ford!
  16. Guard 2015 Mustang coupe at the Detroit Auto Show

    Edit re: the F-150 at the PDX show. It was announced yesterday on the show's website that the 2015 F-150 will be there. :clap2:
  17. Guard 2015 Mustang coupe at the Detroit Auto Show

    I picked up the color info from JarStang's post on the Upcoming Events Default Calendar re: the PDX show as follows: "Confirmed for this event:Guard I4/base coupe" I don't know where he may have secured such advance info. :shrug:
  18. Ford (F) stock price.

    A correction to Ford's stock would raise the current annual dividend of 3.2% to a higher level. Folks complain about not getting adequate interest on their savings accounts but seem unaware that dozens of household name companies with 25 year histories of steadily raising payouts pay dividends...
  19. Ford (F) stock price.

    How many folks recall that just 5 years ago this month, Ford's stock price hit a closing low of $1.94 a share. Today, an investment in Ford at that January 2009 price would be worth 700+ percent. Nice return...GO FORD! :thumbsup: