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  1. PM Sent

    Hey there I sent you guys a PM earlier today. Thanks for checking into it!
  2. RTD+ Capabilities

    Quick question for those with the RTD+ when you datalog are you able to see your own logs and review them?
  3. California GT350 OEM 87mm Throttle Body

    Like new. Ready to go. $100
  4. Possible to reorder the gauges on the center stack?

    Just wondering on the standard dash is it possible to change the order of the info in the center stack?
  5. 3.55 Swap with a Gen 2 and a Centri

    Hey all I currently have a Gen 2 6R80 car with 3.15s and a ESS G3X with all the usual stuff detailed in my dig. I was looking at moving over to a 3.55 pumpkin to get the car up in the rpms sooner and keep it there. I had a couple quesitons though. 1. Have other centri guys seen improvements...
  6. California UPR Whipple Catch Can Full Kit

    Had this with my Gen 3 Whipple for a couple years. This kit is about $400 new from UPR. asking $275 shipped
  7. California Ford Performance Passenger Side Oil Seperator

    Barely used at all. Just didn’t quite fit my New set up. $150 Shipped to your door.
  8. Whipple Gen 3 Stage 2 Tuner Kit For Sale

    Complete tuner kit Whipple Gen 3, with about 3,000 miles on it. Oversized heat exchanger, carbon fiber intake, 132 mono blade, etc. $5900 OBO located in Southern California.
  9. California Whipple Gen 3 Tuner Kit

    Complete tuner kit Whipple Gen 3, with about 3,000 miles on it. Oversized heat exchanger, carbon fiber intake, 132 mono blade, etc. $5900 OBO located in Southern California.
  10. GT350 Manifold and Boost - Vacuum line set up

    Hello all, Ive seen a few different comments in threads from years back. But I am in the process of adding a GT350 Manifold and Throttle Body to go with my ESS build I am starting shortly. With a boosted application what are the preferred methods of connecting my brake booster and then also...
  11. OEM Black out Rear Decklid Panel

    Does anyone know the part number or where I can get an OEM rear decklid panel where the GT is blacked out?
  12. Drag Racing Alignment specs?

    Hey guys, In about a week here im going to update my suspension a bit. Moving to Steeda Drag Springs, Viking Crusader Rear shocks, Koni Adjustable front struts, Adding(already have Steeda Stop the Hop Ultimate Kit) in Steeda camber bolts up front and Steeda Camber Arms out back along with Ford...
  13. Anyone in the Ft. Worth/Aledo Area?

    Looking at moving to this area and was wondering what the car scene was like out there. Also hoping there is a decent amount of E85 available.
  14. 2017 GT AC not longer working

    So it was warm in SoCal today and I fired up the car and heard a loud hiss sound and AC only blew hot. 2017 GT Premium with 34,000 miles. I’m assuming it’s the evap issue. My question is will a new one be improved over the old one? Has then been successfully addressed? I need my AC so I will...
  15. Whipple Gen 3 or Gen 4 Question

    So I currently have a pretty mild Whipple Gen 3 set up on E85 and a 3.5 6 rib Pulley making around 750rwhp through the auto(only dynoed it once on a "low reading" dyno). I was wondering what these head units are capable of for power? What pulley combos, boost levels, and power have some of your...
  16. 15-17 Thermal R&D Stainless 3" Catback

    This is a full 3" high quality stainless steel catback. American Made and has in my opinion the best overall sound of any catback. Check out the links below for more info on it. Comes will ALL Hardware and in amazing shape. Located in Temecula, CA 92592 and asking $400...
  17. Anyone Running the Stainless Works Catback?

    Just checking in to see if anyone has been running this? and has some feedback?
  18. How I gave my 2017 GT Active Exhaust

    Hello all. Well, I have had my 2017 GT CS for a couple of years now and have been making it my own little by little. GT350R steering wheel, Digital Dash, Whipple and fuel system, etc. Well one thing I always wanted was the ability to control the loudness of the exhaust, plus on top of that I...
  19. GT350 Rear Valance and Tips

    I got these up for Sale in SoCal. Asking $450obo.
  20. Magnaflow Competition Active Exhaust

    Hey guys! I am but a lowly GT owner, but I am looking at buying a Magnaflow competition GT350 catback(from a local guy) to go along with my GT350 rear valance that I ordered. I am going to also purchase actuators and wire them up to a switch. I just wanted to see if anyone has any reviews on...