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  1. 1/4 Mile Fast List 3.0

    Can we update my time? Link below has time slip in the video. On my work computer so cant download any outside pictures on here.
  2. Boost Controllers....discuss

    I use the eboost2 in mine. Can have 6 different settings as well
  3. 7.85 @174 1/4mile with my 10r80

    Thank you everyone! For the 10r80 I am running LPF's stage 3+ build. This includes custom machine work to fit more clutches per clutch basket.
  4. 7.85 @174 1/4mile with my 10r80

    Haven't posted it on here. Haven't been to active on here recently either so could be why. After months of fighting with an extremely loose converter I got a new stator from Suncoast that was wayyy tighter but still looser than stock. Got it slapped in and finally matched my 60' back to what I...
  5. Clicking noise when letting go of gas from slight acceleration. Is this normal?

    My 2019 F150 5.0 does the same thing. Just sounds like the throttle body clicking
  6. Circle D or Suncoast

    Either one will perform better than stock! NA version is what you will want with the centri. The 240 suncoast with their looser stator would be a good option.
  7. WE DID IT! Stock Block 1,XXX hp!

    Why yall hating? The car trapped 154 at 3800lbs. That's 1000whp all day..
  8. 10r80 SUCKS!

    I can list many others that want it done as well.. Trust me I get it. Like I said before he does not have the capacity to be able to get it done in a timely matter as far as I know. He is working on getting every car he has had there for over a month out of the shop. Cars came in that were...
  9. 10r80 SUCKS!

    I disagree with each paragraph of yours. Here is why: You keep mentioning the 10r80 needs "stronger parts". Stronger parts means something is breaking due to the raw power of the car and putting the power down. Nothing has snapped or torn itself apart in the 10r80. Valve body's is a normal thing...
  10. 10r80 SUCKS!

    Sorry I never get on here anymore. This used to be my passing time at the office but now work from home due to covid Justin showed me the messages between him and Heinz... So to say he never responded is simply not true. It is just him at the shop. He is the only one that does all of the...
  11. 10r80 SUCKS!

    Sorry for the late reply. LPF has made custom modifications to be able to fit more clutches in each clutch pack. It is up to him to release this information on how he was able to or not. For the 6r80 comment about them running at the track without issues is by far wrong. Due to needing to...
  12. 10r80 SUCKS!

    People keep saying there is only clutches and converter for 10r80's... Well no other parts you "make stronger" is going to allow it to hold more power. By changing the friction material you're basically moving to a rougher sandpaper in a sense. But not actually increasing anything. The other...
  13. NEW Personal best! How much closer to a 7 can you get?

    They are still around and get many messages, phone calls, facebook messages a day. He will get back to you soon. I have messaged him and made him aware of your situation. Car weights 3615 actually! So probably not as high as you found! Yes absolutely and others on this website have as well...
  14. NEW Personal best! How much closer to a 7 can you get?

    Custom machined parts are the basket in the 10r80 to allow for more clutch count thank stock, and custom machined steels to LPF spec to allow for more clutch count as well. In some of the clutch packs as many as 4 more clutches were added. This is standard with the Stage 2+ 10r80 build from LPF
  15. 60-130mph times for boosted cars

    This was on my 8.2 pass. Need to put my dragy in again when I run next. Been 8.0 so far
  16. NEW Personal best! How much closer to a 7 can you get?

    Hey everyone! Now that the corona virus pandemic is diminishing as far as the quarantine part, decided to take my car out to the track! For the most part car had just been sitting or taken on small drives around town when I was tired of being in the house. Right before this quarantine we pulled...
  17. New S550 Owner looking for Boost

    I would also suggest Limitless Performance Twin turbo kit. They have a special going on right now. $6800.00, includes the upgraded larger intercooler. Also the kit always comes with your choice of turbo size from 60-67mm at no up charge. Turbos come standard with ball bearing, billet wheels and...
  18. 2018-2019 10r80 boost by gear with turbo

    Honesty does go far in life, can't agree more. So please tell me where I'm lying? I listed out every reason I've pulled the trans and the reasons for.
  19. 2018-2019 10r80 boost by gear with turbo

    Once again here you go trying to say I'm lying. You used to say i was lying about the turbo kits as well with them having back pressure issues even though Justin had put a sensor to check the back pressure and study his own kit.... Haven't you been sued for slandering other big companies...
  20. 2018-2019 10r80 boost by gear with turbo

    Multiple people have bought different stages of the 10r80's from LPF. You guys can go to my youtube and watch where I list any change to my car. I don't care to hide or lie about it because I am essentially representing a company and trying to help grow more business. My trans has been pulled...