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  1. Decision Time

    I purchased a 17 in 2018. I have had zero issues up until last week. Had to put a new A/C compressor in but luckily the other parts of the system were good to go.
  2. Midpipe

    How much boost are you running? and is that safe in the short term and most likely going to be an issue in the long term ?
  3. Air conditioning failure help

    I am in the same boat. Anyone know if there is a good A/C shop in the SWFL (Cape Coral, Fort Myers)

    The rear wing is a bit much for me.
  5. All-season tires

    So you can run the 285/40/19s on the stock base Gt350 wheels? Im looking to run same tires but want to keep stock rims? no fitment issues?
  6. Kustom Cover Ford Mustang Two-Tone Leather Seat Covers

    Same question......Recaro?
  7. First time hearing/seeing a 15-20 GT350?

    I read and watched videos ever since it was released in 15/16. Thought to myself, "I probably wont be able to afford it new but maybe used one day". Well, come late 2017 I was divorced and actually made out on the deal with our house sale and "POOF" September of 2018, I was the proud owner of...
  8. To the new owner of G0652 - I have the owners supplement.

    You guys are lucky, I reached out to the original owner for mine. He said he was keeping it to since he paid the mark up. His little gift he said. I stayed neutral and said if he ever wants to sell it in the future I would always be interested. I can only hope one day I get the email. Lol
  9. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I did the exact same thing the other day.......darn garage door was buzzing when in sport mode. :cwl:
  10. Engine/Transmission Plate Noise FIX!

    Can anyone post a picture of their plate with dynomat on it? Im confused how I would go about doing this at home?
  11. Oem replacement stripes?

    Ive been thinking the same thing. Thanks for the info!.. Just wish there was a promo code to help out with the price. I've seen the code for a bit off of the shipping but its crazy that the stripes are still full price even though the Gt350 has been out since 16.
  12. Oem replacement stripes?

    Quick question for you all. I looked up the stripe kit on tasca and added all the sections I want into the cart. How much is this kit totaling? Seems rather expensive too me? Roughly 1,000.00?
  13. Black w/ Stripes?

    I'm looking to see what the correct measurements are for the 17 Gt 350 Stripes? How wide is each rally stripe? and what is the measurement for the gap between and how wide is the pinstripes? Could anyone help? I want to replace the current ones which were replaced by the original owner. Ive...
  14. Proper hood adjustment?

    Is there a way to adjust where the hood connects with the hood latch? my hood sits perfect when i first place it down but when i push down to make it click in place it moves ever so slightly to the left.
  15. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I wanted too but since its under warranty I wanted to just have them do it in case something goes wrong. Had good luck with my 2004 MACh1 this way
  16. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Getting oil change on the beast at the dealership, hoping for the best. Made friends with the tech Carlos who works on the Gt350s. Please Pray for me, keep ya updated.
  17. Looking for a trusted shop

    Or if anyone has any recommendations for a Dealerships in the area I can TRUST??? Sam Galloway, Cocounut Ford etc is what is near me unless I drive to Naples, Sarasota
  18. Looking for a trusted shop

    Anyone know of a good performance shop in Cape Coral/Fort Myers area that I can trust with my 17 Gt350. Sarasota or Naples is close too.
  19. GT350 Side Stripes

    Quick question: Im looking to order new stripes for my 17 AVG still undecided if im going to go with matte black or gloss black with gloss or matte red pin stripe. I found Big worm graphix but also found MY Mustang Stripes website. The price difference is rather large. 240 for big worm and...
  20. Ready to join the GT350 Family

    I am about to finish up a purchase on a 2017 Gt 350 Avalanche gray with black stripes red accents for under 54,000 with only 3358 miles. Mind you, I have been researching prices for the past 8 months. Hoping to have everything signed and shipped by next week!!!!!!! So excited. It has...