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  1. All Ford Show at Carlisle

    I attended the All Ford show this weekend and first off, the weather was so amazing, I've been to 6 of these and this is the first time it didn't rain. There were so many amazing Mustangs and Ford had a 2015 SE in blue to show off. I was talking to Scott Hoag, who was one of the Team Mustang...
  2. Want To Guess Mileage Claims For The Turbo 4

    I've been trying to figure out what Ford's MPG claims are going to be. I'm pretty sure I will get the GT model but I'm very open to seeing what the Ecoboost with track pack can do. Maximum acceleration isn't as important to me as I get older and the thought of the fuel savings appeals to me more...
  3. Video Highlighting Mustang Interior

    I watched this video that highlites the interior. Maybe I didn't notice before but this car has all the aluminum upgrades. [ame]