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  1. Inside the "Super 8.8" Rear End

    The Cup looks the same. So maybe next time a bit less preload. Gear marking compound is „Diamant - red“ it is a German manufacturer.
  2. Inside the "Super 8.8" Rear End

    Hey, thank you for your answer. Sorry it took me a while to respond. So no worries about the handwritten numbers on Ford Performance Pinions, okay. Is that pattern on the pinion bearing normal? It has just a few miles on it. So, I'm not an expert on setting up Ring and Pinions. I swapped...
  3. Driver side rear differential bushing torn, what's my best option?

    Finally they updated to 12.9 hardware. But what i don't understand is why they have the same gap in the bolt location like the OEM ones. Is it for NVH reasons or is it factory tolerances of the subframe? you can put sleeves in it.
  4. Inside the "Super 8.8" Rear End

    Hi John, thank you for sharing your experience. I also read your other Gear/Diff threads. Now I'm swapping the 3.55 to 3.73 Ford Performance gears. It is my first time working with a differential. So far, everything went well. I noticed on the Pinion there is a number written by hand right in...
  5. Upper Tie Bar needed! Help!

    Does anybody know if the Tie bar will fit the normal GT and vice versa?
  6. BMR Tech Tip: Clock those bushings after lowering your S550!

    do spherical bearings need to be clocked aswell? which ones are rubber and which ones are spherical in a pp1 car?
  7. New J&M Products Rear Shock Mounts Available Now

    I have installed the shock mounts on the lower bolt position for more shock travel. The only problem was the dust boot on the driver side where the fuel line is. The Dust boot is too big. I had to cut off the head and close it with tape for now. It would be awesome if the dust boots be a bit...
  8. Your experience with polyurethane cradle bushings ?

    If anybody is curious how it looks when the subframe cuts into the bushing.....here you go