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  1. Three Days to Install Motegi Wheels

    Sorry but I do not remember if there was anything to identify who made the lug nuts.
  2. Double Disappointment

    Man, the thread I started has really gone off the the rails.
  3. Double Disappointment

    I did not get a new car. I got a 2017 XT5 with 47000 miles on it and it has more on it that I was expecting to have. I was able to use the money in Mustang trade so now I have no car payment. For the driving I do and current life needs, the XT5 will do.
  4. Double Disappointment

    I got a good deal on the XT5 and resale is a non-issue. I need a car to go to Publix, Target, Home Depot, and the doctor office (less than 4000 miles a year). Requirements were blind spot monitor, no car payment, less than 50000 miles, and no accidents. I miss my Mustang but the XT5 is very...
  5. Double Disappointment

    For right now I will stick with the Caddy. If I got an EB Prem, I would end up making the drive to Steeda for suspension, exhaust, and CAI updates. I am not going to be making trips for the immediate future that benefit having those mods.
  6. Double Disappointment

    I could easily afford it at the time. I had to retire much earlier than expected due to medical issues.
  7. Double Disappointment

    When I traded in my GT, the requirement was that what ever used car I got, there had to be no car payments. The equity from my trade was the price limit. I was expecting to get an Escape but the XT5 had more of the creature comforts I got used to.
  8. Double Disappointment

    In April I traded in my loaded / heavily modified 2019 Mustang GT Premium to eliminate the $800 a month car / insurance payment. I am now retired and any car I have is used to drive to Publix, Target, and doctor’s office. Not exactly performance car needs. When I bought the GT, I traded in a...
  9. 2018 GT oil leaking underneath engine bay

    Had it happened to me recently after an oil change. Ended up being the oil filter did not seal properly. The dealer replaced the filter and topped off the oil.
  10. Mirror Tap - Safe & Smart question

    I did it for my Escort Max 3 / M2. Search Youtube as there will be videos that show how to tap the power.
  11. New FORD, multiple models --> 10R80 recall...........?!??!!?

    Worst transmission that Ford has ever made is the DCT in the Focus and Fiesta. It is not even close. I have the 10 speed in Mustang and it is way better than the 6 speed it replaced.
  12. Anyone Else's Insurance Rate Increased? (+30%!)

    Mine went up $200 for six months. No tickets or accidents and retired. From what I read car insurance went up for everyone in Central Florida. When you have POS people like Dan Newlin and Morgan and Morgan ripping off insurance companies and their policyholders, your insurance will go up.
  13. Which Car(s) do you regret getting rid off

    Had mine in 76 & 77 and bought for $750. Back then 1st Gen Mustangs and Cougars were just another used car.
  14. Which Car(s) do you regret getting rid off

    My first, 1967 Mercury Cougar. But I did not get rid of it, it was totaled because of an accident.
  15. Please not post on the real GT350 forum without tech

    - 95CobraR: I've been in Sandy Springs for three months now. I have money, I have taste. But I'm not on anybody's "A" list, and Saturday night is the loneliest night for the week for me. - Ford Salesman: Well, a Mustang would certainly change that. - 95CobraR: Perhaps, Mmmm. But, you know, this...
  16. Wheel locking kit: have I been ghosted?

    The dealer forgot to install them during the delivery process on a previous car I bought. When I noticed it a few days later, I went to the salesperson and they quickly took care of this.
  17. What happened to “Is this a good deal? (Not sure if these threads are allowed)”

    I saw that thread. Some posts made were outside of what the OP was looking for. Things then got a little snippy and the OP asked for the thread to be deleted. Nothing that was outside of posting guidelines but looks like the OP got tired of the attitude they were being dished.
  18. Why do I use dash cameras?

    If I was on a jury, after watching the video, I would vote not guilty. You were at a point in the intersection when it turned red that I could not say you were guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I can see arguments both ways which creates doubt.
  19. Anyone powering a dashcam via the USB port?

    I use the Escort M2 and tap into the power available from the cameras and sensors behind the rear view mirror. I was able to get a cable on Amazon and there are plenty of Youtube videos on how to install it. The only negative is no power when you turn the ignition off. But I can use the M2 all...
  20. michelin pilotsport as3+ to ps4s swap

    Be careful on cold days. When the temperature gets below 40 degrees, you will find your traction will disappear. I had the Michelin AS3+ on my EB when I lived in Atlanta. I now have the 4s on my GT since I live in Central Florida now. When I had to drive up to Atlanta to sell my townhome, the...