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  1. Boost Control, CO2 vs Compressed Air + EBC

    I don't need closed loop dome pressure boost control so AMS is out of the question. I'd like to use the boost controller that I already have. Has anyone here done this? Please impart some knowledge.
  2. MT82-D4

    Is the MT82-D4 transmission the exact same between the Ecoboost and the Coyote variants?
  3. Flow rate of the factory gen 3 DI injectors

    maybe someone like @engineermike can answer the question. What is the nominal flow rate of the factory gen 3 DI injectors? Is it worthwhile to upgrade them?
  4. So you wanted to go fast and have a track car?

    So I'll be the first to say that I haven't done a whole lot of driving my 18GT premium. Due to me working as an expat, there just wasn't a whole lot of time associated with this stuff during the COVID-19 era. Although I have a lot of parts installed I'll be incrementally adding a few things...
  5. Georgia Suspension and fuel parts lot.

    FS: buyer pays shipping. Parts go out when PayPal clears. 1 unopened and unused DW X-2 fuel hat $400 FIRM 3 unopened and unused TI274 pumps $100 per pump FIRM 2 ISC 1-3" adjustable drop springs $150 2 ISC single adjustable rear shocks $200 1 stock 2018 fuel pump assembly $80 sold 1 S550 rear...
  6. Strange Shock S5052

    Has Anyone used the Strange Double adjustable shock? Thoughts? How does it compare to the Viking B2010?
  7. Hoods and cooling....

    I don't really like visual mods on my mustang (outside of wheels and tires), it sort of has a presence that I like stock. However, I'm of the mind that the engine compartment could use a bit more airflow. I basically only have two viable options, the cervinis GT500 hood replica for the 18+ or...
  8. Stock airbox 2018+ GT

    Could someone please post the outlet size of the stock airbox of the 2018+ GT? I know the MAF housing is 112mm but the stock airbox tapers up to a bigger size after that. If someone knows right off the bat would be fine or if you can post a pic with a ruler or something Thanx.
  9. OEM GT500 Throttle Body Part Number?

    Does anyone have the part number and/or a pictures of the OEM 92mm throttle body?
  10. Radium Tests the BPC1100 Brushless controller Using the TI Automotive E5LM Pump

    Article here http://www.radiumauto.com/Blog/Post/Testing-the-ID-Brushless-Pump-114 While sniffing around to enhance my knowledge I found radium has also tested the ID BPC1100. This controller/pump combo is amazing! It can run a certain flow rate at any pressure we could throw at it. Take a...
  11. X-Force Clutches

    Anyone in here are use X-Force Clutches in the MT-82D4?
  12. DI Injectors

    I want to know is there a part number for the injectors individually or is there an assembly. I'm thinking it's the assembly. if anyone knows post up see below.
  13. Anyone running methanol on a PD blower?

    Anyone using methanol on a PD blower here? Experiences?
  14. How much fuel do I really need?

    Does any one if I actually need a return system to achieve 800 rwhp on 93 octane? I'll be using water/Methanol injection for anything over 3 PSI for the hot summer months in GA. I have DW95 Injectors, just sorting out the fueling.
  15. How much can a Stock Clutch Handle and Aftermarket Options

    There are a few options for 18+ Mustangs. I would like to know if any big power manuals here on the 18+ MT82 see slippage and at what power level. Or if any of the people here have an aftermarket clutch what would you suggest going to.
  16. Stock 2018+ Axles

    What's the general consensus on how much WHP will cause an axle (Halfshaft) to break? Are people experiencing only under hard launches or just instant WOT? I'm debating on replacing mine while it's in the shop and getting tuned.
  17. 18+ GT Fuel System

    I've got a couple of questions about the 16 injector setup on the current Mustangs. Does anyone know what the stock rate are for the port injectors and the direct injectors? Also when running a FI setup is the DI taken into account when sizing the new injectors? I also have noted a lot of people...