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  1. Cobb Accessport v3

    Selling my Cobb accessport. Asking for $425 shipped..payment by PayPal.
  2. What is the recommended oil for those of us with a big turbo?

    I am getting my vargas stage 2 turbo soon and would like to know if I can keep using 5w-30 for my engine or if I should use a different oil? I just want my car and my turbo to have a long engine life. Thanks for any helpful answers!
  3. What are the most important parameters to monitor with the accessport while driving?

    Hello all, What are the most important parameters to monitor while driving with our tuning device and what should the numbers look like? I am using the Cobb accessport. Thanks for any helpful answers.
  4. Green drop in performance air filter

    Barely used, still in like new condition. Asking for $40 shipped, price is firm
  5. Drag radials for stock 18's on ecoboost premium?

    Does anyone know if I can get drag radials for the stock 18's on the EB premium package? So far I couldn't find any on a couple sites that I've looked on. Thanks to all!
  6. My remote start won't work, help please

    Hi everyone so my remote start used to work now all of the sudden it will not work. When I go to do it the horn just honks instead of the car starting. Thanks to any that may have the answer or some useful advice.
  7. need info about a bov

    Hi everyone, So I have a couple questions about an aftermarket bov. 1. What is the benefit of an aftermarket one? 2. I am looking at a turbosmart one, is this one of the best? I am looking to buy the map charge pipe kit and it includes the turbosmart bov so I figured it must be worth...
  8. steeda-tb-spacer is it worth a try?

    http://www.americanmuscle.com/steeda-tb-spacer-2015eco.html Is this worth a try for the price? I've used them before on other cars and while the performance gain was minimal it did help slightly with mpg when taking it easy. Would anyone try this just to complete there bolt on collection or...
  9. Sct x4 tuner for sale!

    $375 or best offer. Pm if interested!
  10. Sct x4 tuner for sale!

    Selling it for $375 or best offer within the next few days. PM if interested.
  11. Selling v6 jlt oil separator.

    Selling the one I had on my v6. Same one from American muscle (black jlt). Pm me for price if interested.
  12. Need some info on the EB

    -Average MPG you guys get - What does a tune do performance wise for the EB as far as power gains -Would you recommend the premium package over the base model, i know it's not much more but is it really worth it? Thanks to those of you that will answer kindly.
  13. 0-60 and quarter mile times

    Figured I would start this thread for a change of pace from all the exhaust topics lately. Hearing about drone for the last few months has gotten a little annoying lol. Here is my best times so far.Everyone feel free to post yours too. These times were towards the end of winter. I can still get...
  14. intake air temperature

    So I've noticed since the weather has became very hot here in MD (over 90 most days) my IAT is always over 100 degrees even with the Airaid cold air intake. Now it's no surprise our cars love cold air, my car performed much better in winter time. Is there anything we can do to keep temperatures...
  15. BBK throttle body installed

    Okay guys so I installed the bbk 73mm throttle body today. Install was fairly easy. -Low to mid range power has improved -Engine is very loud when flooring it from all the air coming in -mpg did not change at all as of yet, not looking to gain any anyway So my only problem I'm having...
  16. 2015 Mustang V6 quarter mile and 0-60 times

    Interested in seeing other people's times for this car as I already tested mine out :) My best 0-60 time was 5.8 seconds Best quarter mile time was 14.2 Both on 93 octane Only mod I have is throttle body spacer from AM. I've heard of some other people getting 6.0 and above with there...