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  1. Any news on 2020 Mustang GT & Ecoboost?

    With the "news" that there will be a 2nd 2.3EB for 2020, possibly a HO version, I can't help but wonder if we'll be getting a 360hp-375hp Mustang ST.
  2. Trending on /r/cars: 2019 Shelby GT500 to receive Ford's new N/A 7.0L V8 w/ DI

    An interesting read concerning the current topic at hand over on SVTP /forums/threads/coyote-f-150-intake-test.1110961/ Can't link the URL but I'm sure you know how to use the internet.
  3. Trending on /r/cars: 2019 Shelby GT500 to receive Ford's new N/A 7.0L V8 w/ DI

    The Cyclone engine family was designed to be able to be safely opened up to 4.0L. Why design a new 4.0L (V8) when they have an engine of that displacement much closer within reach in both design and r&d-wise, sound? Such an engine would be a welcome sight to not only GT500 but top trim LMC...
  4. Trending on /r/cars: 2019 Shelby GT500 to receive Ford's new N/A 7.0L V8 w/ DI

    The "old" 3.5L was able to safely be opened up to 4.0L, from the factory, though it never was. So, if this new one can as well, a 4.0EB would be a nice differentiation between FGT's 3.5EB and a potential GT500 powerplant. All the while being able push the EB name association with the Mustang...
  5. Official: 2018 Ford Mustang Refresh Detailed! (Options/Features, Specs, Photos, Info)

    Even here in the middle of nowhere Wyoming where 91 is the going "premium", I can get 100 of 110 readily. Yes, its $7 and $8 a gal, but to make "93" it's pretty easy: 10 gallons of 93 octane: 91 + 110 = 8.9 gal + 1.1 gal
  6. Rumormill: Next gen coyote will be twin turbo 4.0L.

    The Barra 4.0 is ancient. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that engine, when I import a FPV it'll be an F6 310. But even I know that that thing has no place in a "next gen" performance car. It worked in Falcon because it too was long in the tooth, which was a part of its "charm" I suppose.
  7. Rumormill: Next gen coyote will be twin turbo 4.0L.

    If the new 3.5, which only shares displacement, is similar enough to the old cyclone 3.5 it could also be capable of being opened up safely at a manufacturing level to 4.0L. To get said displacement you wouldn't need a V8.
  8. 2018 Mustang Refresh More Spy Shots...

    Hate to break it to ya, but ALL of the 94-04's are SN95's. Just like all the 05-14's are S197's. Hell, "New Edge" wasn't even unique to Mustang, it was a design language. The 98-02 Cougars and similar year Foci were New Edges. It caught traction with the enthusiasts but as far as Ford...
  9. 2018 Mustang Mule with Fabricated Hood Bump, Substituted Lights

    So I've said this before, what seems like 100 times, but here I go again. IF we get a Mach1 for the '18-'20 MY's it should be a 3.5EB/A10 car. Tuned to an appropriate 475ish hp and 500ish tq. This output should be just a bit higher in HP than an output bumped 5.0 (or 5.2 CPC) for reasons I'll...
  10. 2017-'18 GT500 & GT500KR

    Wouldn't it make more sense To leave Lightning's successor in Ranger's wheelhouse? Let F-150 have Raptor as it's FP offering covering the off-road side of the market while Ranger can pull the "Lightning Bolt" name from hallowed antiquity and cover the street/sport truck side?
  11. 2017 F150 3.5L: 375 HP & 470 ft-lbs

    The 1st gen 3.5EB in the F-150 is rated at 365/420 on 87 octane fuel. The Lincoln Navigator with the same engine is rated at 380/460 on 93 octane fuel. If this is still the case, as we haven seen what fuel achieves the 375/470, we could be looking at a 390/515 engine on 93. . . if indeed 87...
  12. You know what Ford needs?

    New T-bird...as old T-bird, aka direct Corvette competitor. Thunderbird (base) - DI/PI 5.0L V8* - 460/415 Thunderbird TurboCoupe - EB4.0L** V6 - 515/530 Thunderbird Supercoupe - EB5.2L*** V8 - 680/700 *Coyote utilizing Voodoo style fueling system incorporating both direct and port injection...
  13. Coyote and the Voodoo

    Is it 1995 again? To a point I agree with you. But at the same time it makes no sense to handicap yourself for the sake of "heritage". We know the Coyote's block can be opened up more, so why not take advantage of it. Why not open the bore via PTWA (Coyote 92mm, Voodoo 94mm) and then give the...
  14. Coyote and the Voodoo

    I'd imagine soon we'll see the V6 EB as an option in a GT. Optional first, to gauge public response. Don't forget that the Cyclone/Duratec35 was designed to be opened up safely to 4.0L. So a gen2 EB 4.0L V6 in a Mustang GT could theoretically make over 500hp and we'll over 500lbft.
  15. You'll never see another Mustang pull these dyno numbers

    Needs a 12v to 18v mod and the BAP mod. Also 12" bicycle rubber wrapped around the stock tires to better put the power down.
  16. Rumor - The GT500 thread

    Unknown so far. The last gen 3.5EB weighed 5lbs more than the Coyote. It has however been stated that Voodoo has a distinct weight advantage over Coyote. So the difference between 3.5tt and 5.2 will be even more pronounced.
  17. Rumor - The GT500 thread

    I'd imagine the GT500 will be a TTV8, same bore as the Voodoo however utilizing a more traditional crossplane crank. After all it won't need to rev as high as GT350. But, I do see the 3.5EB making its way into S550 in the guise of the next Mach1. The 3.5 will be making more of a name for...
  18. Ford Returning To Le Mans in 2016

    This actually seems plausible. Especially with them bringing the name to the current news feeds by giving us the feint that the performance division could have been called 999.
  19. New "Ford Performance" organization unites Ford SVT, Team RS, and Ford Racing

    They should just pull the "badge" out of this. Since Falcon won't be a thing anymore, they can just utilize the letters and their font. The font already looks like what they use for the "FX" package F-series.