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  1. Engine oil cooler repaired/replaced

    I had to replace my rear diff. cooler after a large brass valve flung up and bent and cracked the cooler. The fluid from the diff. fluid pump only comes on when the fluid reaches a set temp., and it is fairly low flow and pressure. I smelled it before I noticed any leak probably after the second...
  2. Saving Mach 1 Chassis M1841

    Yep I noticed this was an old thread...after I posted, congrats.
  3. Saving Mach 1 Chassis M1841

    Levittown Ford has most of those parts at a descent price, for new OEM.
  4. New EPA regs coming phaseout gas engines

    If a couple of Supreme Court rulings blow Chevron Deference out of the water, which looks likely, the EPA and their regulations could be challenged as Executive Branch over reach. This would force the EPA and the President to get new rules (ATF, EPA, etc.) passed through congress before...
  5. What did you do to your Mach 1 today

    A Great Blue Heron splattered my entire 2004 Mustang on night when I parked under a light pole in the marina parking lot. I was living on a 36' sailboat at the time and the poo went from from the passenger's back corner to the driver's front, was about a foot wide and smelled of rotten fish...
  6. Resonator Delete poll

    With my X-pipe, Quiet mode is slightly less than Normal was before. Normal mode is Like the Sport mode was and the Sport and Track modes are pretty close to the same thing (no muffler) as there is for all intents no muffler in the circuit with the butterfly wide open. I use the timer to keep...
  7. Remove decals to decrease cops attention, sleeper, etc? Will the m1 become a collector? You think people would want w/without decals? Real hood vents?

    Other than the hood decal, the side stripes are pretty inconspicuous, and the hood decal only stands out on light color Mach1's and even then its not in your face.
  8. Anyone lower their Mach 1 HP?

    I can't use my driveway, and you should see all the battle scars on the lower spliter. This thing would make a great snow plow if it had 4 wheel drive. :sunglasses:
  9. What’s something you wish you Knew when you got your first Mustang??

    I wish I knew my 1967 Fastback would increase in worth 10 times plus a couple years after I sold it. I wish I knew that the 3.9L in my 2004 was as much of a boat anchor and as un-mod-able in CA as it was. They made a few thousand Mustangs with the 3.9L in 2004, instead of the 3.8L, and all the...
  10. Anyone lower their Mach 1 HP?

    Lowering the HP is a track only setup most places I've driven. The front splitter scrapes quite often as it is, I can't imagine it would last long, if you lower the car in the real world.
  11. Ford Extended Warranty from Granger Ford

    My Mach1 was sold with a temporary Iowa registration, but if you are correct, it just means another reason it sucks to be a Californian. Right now, my job and the weather are all that's keeping me here.
  12. Ford Extended Warranty from Granger Ford

    Luckily I bought the max coverage when I bought/took delivery of my Mach1 back in Aug. 2022. I am not allowed to buy from them now, because of the wonderful one party ruled state of California passed a law that bars anyone outside the state from selling this type insurance. When I purchased my...
  13. Swap M1 Hood

    I can't say how it is compared with the GT500 factory hood, I think it's aluminum, BUT, I am completely satisfied with the quality of the hood and their paint work. It came from Cervini's Link
  14. Swap M1 Hood

    Yes, I even paid a little extra to have them paint the louvers Magnetic Metalic, thought it would match the mirrors and wing. It does, but the louver is gloss finish and the mirrors and wing are matte. The paint work from Cervini was excellent, BTW.
  15. Louvers

    Th Aluminum version on top is what I picked, as it looks like the original Mach1/Boss 302 louvers. Not a fan of any of the plastic versions. Things I like about my louvers: They look great, they keep the car MUCH cooler in summer. Things I don't like: Takes about 5 min. and a couple of soft...
  16. Possible To Overfill Trans and Diff?

    It is the same as the GT350 and there is a procedure for flushing the cooler and refiling that runs the gear oil pump, if I remember. The easiest way to do it is to drain the old into a graduated container and refill with the same amount. In my case, I ran over a pipe fitting that fell off a...
  17. Too good of a deal - something fishy???

    I paid $7k under MSRP on the '22 Mach1 HP I ordered from Granger Motors. They sold dozens of them for that price. Maybe the dealer just wants to unload it? They will still make some money on it, and maybe the demand isn't that great in their area?
  18. What tires are MACH 1 HP owners running?

    LMR sells the same light weight HP style wheels, though they have been on back order for a while. I have a set and they are great!
  19. Fix-It Ticket

    If he wrote him for the car pool ticket it's like $400, so I think he made out ok.
  20. Diff Fluid?

    I've found its very hard to find diff fluid without friction modifier. The Detroit Truetrac in my F150 Prerunner calls for fluid without the modifier. Redline makes some, but its not always easy to find and like I said, most other brands have it already included.