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  1. Bronze Wheels

    Lads, I come to you for help. I own a magnetic V6 and told myself bronze wheels on magnetic was a winning combination. I was looking at the Verde AX because i really like the style/shade of bronze but im not exactly convinced by the price... It would be much appreciated if you guys could...
  2. Interchanging brakes.

    Hey all, I have a V6. Loving the car so far but a thing that has been bugging me a little from day one is the lack of brake bite that i am getting from the two piston calipers installed. I know that a good brake pad makes a ton of difference, but i feel more confident with a four piston...
  3. FireHive GOES TO INDIANA!

    Guys, This is it. In mid May, me and the gal will take a roadrip with the Mustang from Miami to Indianapolis. The Purpose? Dyno tunning! I'm going to give my baby to Lonnie Doll, owner of Blue Oval Chips, one of the most renowned Mustang tunner around the country. It's going to...
  4. 2015 V6 Brakes Thread

    Hey all, i want to start this thread because the next thing on my mod list is, you guessed it, upgrading the brakes. Now i have a pretty decent knowledge of the mechanical side of engines and drive-train in general, but i am quite the noob when it comes to brakes. So let this thread be...
  5. Hissing sound?

    My car is making what seems to be an air discharge noise. it's very faint and you can only hear it when the hood is open. The sound is constant when the AC is off and it comes and goes when the AC is on. Any thoughts?
  6. Removing scratches from glass?

    Hey all, I was happily cruising around today when i felt the urge to look in my rear view mirror to check if any car was coming and, lo and behold, i noticed what seemed to be "fading" on my rear window. I promptly pull over to examine and it becomes quite clear that somebody, for some...
  7. Installed: RPI Black Mesh Grille

    Hey everyone, Installed the black mesh RPI grille on the girl yesterday, here are the result :) P.S: Purchased the running pony tri bar emblem for the old 2014 cars billet style grille. Will see if i manage to put it on somehow
  8. Question: Rear diffuser

    Would you be kind enough to tell me if the rear "diffuser" that the PP cars get is available to purchase as a separate part or is it part of the rear bumper itself? Thanks a bunch :):)
  9. Eibach Pro Kit on 3.7 2015

    Hey guys, new to forums and new to stangs :cheers: purchased my 2015 V6 early December of last year and loving it so far, honestly have nothing to complain about. As far as mods go, we all know that the industry has not been kind to our cars and is pushing out mods for EB and GT's, but not for...