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  1. V8 potential problems coming? [ADMIN WARNING: *** NO POLITICS ***]

    Not so fast man. I'm not a V8 elitist nor am I an electric fanboy. But I am a realist. Cost of ownership is a more important factor here. Until the purchase price of an EV comes down, the cost of ownership is in favor of the ICE vehicle. Yes, some EVs get tax incentives, but we will see how...
  2. Latest report: Ford has scrapped Mustang AWD and Hybrid

    Scrapping everything new and trying to milk current powertrain production makes sense, especially since this is the last hoorah for the V8. It may be the last hoorah for the Mustang coupe as well. Wouldn't be surprised at all if the Mustang went the way of the Chevy Blazer and turned into a...
  3. V8 potential problems coming? [ADMIN WARNING: *** NO POLITICS ***]

    That's not completely true! The vast majority of people will be better rested and in better moods when Joe Schmoe no longer comes rumbling through the neighborhood at 3am with his straight piped V8. :giggle:
  4. I hate people so much

    Good thing mine isn't a show car. It's been through every kind of weather you can think of. Even has a little bit of hail damage from a storm a few months back. I drive in whatever weather I want to because IDGAF. It's a car. It's meant to be driven. Sorry about what happened OP. People do...
  5. Is this guy serious?

    He must be a Mustang specialist. Under his sold vehicles, lots of Mustangs sold. Especially 2013 and 2014 GT500s. Sold Vehicles - JFK Auto Sales (jfk-auto.com)
  6. Is this guy serious?

    https://jfk-auto.com/product/2020-shelby-gt350r-heritage-edition-10-miles/ Saw the ad originally posted on Mustang Market buy,sell, or trade on Facebook. Wow...
  7. Outrunning the cops?!

    You did start something so here's another $0.02 to add to your penny jar. Oh.. I don't know... Maybe because you have 3500 pounds of metal surrounding you with crumple zones and airbags in a car. It doesn't take much brain power to figure out why motorcycle accidents are almost always fatal...
  8. Outrunning the cops?!

    You guys are brave on motorcycles... Not because you are speeding on one from the cops, but because you are still alive today. Accidents on motorcycles these days aren't if, but when. Be safe!
  9. The Mustang is the last man standing.....again

    Who cares if the Mustang, Camaro, or Challenger go away. They were all getting to a point where only the rich could afford them anyway. The Mustang started off life as a good bargain. That's why they sold so many in the 60s. Today... the Mustang is either not wanted or too expensive for...
  10. What's A Really Good Tire Pressure Gauge

    You don't need a release valve. I bleed pressure just fine with my cheap Slime gauge. It doesn't technically have a pressure relief valve, but angle the damn thing so it isn't going straight into the valve stem and voila! It hits the valve stem pin inside and releases air. You have a makeshift...
  11. What's A Really Good Tire Pressure Gauge

    I've got a cheap Slime gauge. No need to waste money on something more expensive unless you're a professional racer. Accurate to 0.5 pounds and has a backlit display. What more could you want for $10 or $11. Amazon.com: Slime Digital Sport Tire Pressure Gauge : Automotive
  12. Question on Brembo front brakes

    It was an option for all years of the S197 Coyotes. 11-14. It was called the Brembo brake package. I actually have it on my 2014 GT.
  13. new computer time?

    I would recommend building or buying a new PC. When buying a PC, always buy something a little better than what you actually need so it lasts awhile. Futureproof it a little. AMD or Intel are both good. Can't go wrong with either. If Intel, I recommend i5-12600K If AMD, I recommend Ryzen 5...
  14. So, steppin’ out?

    Cold tires, bald tires, or crappy roads along with an inexperienced driver are the cause of most of these... A lot of the videos have the driver trying to give it more gas to overcome the situation. Big mistake with an inexperienced driver. If the driver would have completely let off the gas...
  15. Did anyone here get an invitation to the Mach 1 Track Tour?

    I haven't logged in in awhile. Just saw this. Thanks for sharing! Looks like fun!
  16. Question on Brembo front brakes

    11-14 Non-pp cars had an option for 4 piston as well.
  17. Hood moves around alot above 100 mph

    Just curious, how did your last Mustang get totaled?
  18. This is a Steal!

    There's a reason why air filters and cold air intakes like K&N systems increase horsepower by 5 or 6. They are less restrictive filters. Instead of the K&N air filter being the filter, now your engine is the filter or lack there of. If you want the CAI to be different or for a nicer looking...
  19. CJ Pony Parts Rant

    I know exactly who it is. Does the name start with a "T" and end with an "A"?
  20. Has anyone given thought to this monumental change that’s about to occur? In less than 2 years…

    You obviously don't have kids or anyone around you that you care about with that mentality... By the way, rolling coal is a child's game. The quickest way to piss off a crowd and get beat up. Continue to do stuff like this. You will eventually do it to the wrong person and end up 6 feet under...