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  1. Should I not test drive a ‘19 2SS Camaro?

    Will I be impressed with the off idle torque that makes cars feel fast? Will I be in love with the manual tranny? (no auto please) Will I hate the interior and blind spots? What about handling? I am being messed around with my Bullitt order and I am looking over the fence......do I see green...
  2. Mustang vs Camaro demographics?

    Any idea on the age comparison average between the two? The bowtie crowd tends to thing the Mustang owners are pimple faced kids who crash cars daily.
  3. How binding are purchase orders?

    I have a signed retail purchase order from a dealer and a hefty deposit down on a car. The order is in the Ford system, (COTUS) so it was sent in.... it just needs to be pulled and production started. Can a dealer try to not honor it and sell the car to another buyer? I am having a slight...
  4. When will dealers get more allocations for Bullitt?

    Anyone know when new allocations will happen? They must have built plenty of Bullitt so far and a new batch would be great.
  5. Dealer called...purchased a Bullitt!

    One of the 18 dealers I contacted about a Bullitt called this morning and said he had one allocation. Still feel like I’m dreaming but I have papers signed for a Dark Highland Green Bullitt, Magneride and electronic package! Best thing is that the dealer is just 35 minutes from my house...
  6. Magneride or 401a and LCD?

    My mind is just about made up and I probably know what many would pick on this forum. (Just curious though) Magneride needs pp (definitely want) and an additional $1695 LCD dash needs 401a and an additional $2295...steep for a few bells and whistles and padding/stitching for the game boy...
  7. 2018 sub forum discussion again!

    Well, the poll disappeared into a forum no one reads and has basically been forgotten. Time to discuss it here again as it pertains to general discussion of the S550 refresh and not forum questions like how do I add photos or other topics. The current owners first picked on the front end...
  8. Pole results in.

    66.67% of the forum votes in favor of a 2018 Sub forum! When can we expect it?:cheers:
  9. Poll results in!

  10. Test drove a GT today. Newb impressions.

    I picked up a $50 gift card at the car show if I test drove a Ford before the end of the month....so why not! The wife and I went out in a fully loaded GT and we both liked it. Very linear power from the engine, revved freely and I did hit the rev limiter in first if I didn't watch the tach...
  11. Forum members average age?

    Quick search showed nothing but I'm interested in how old people are in here? I'm old as dirt, (just turned 56) and I'm waiting to order a 2018 GT.:cheers: If this has been done before, I apologize.
  12. 2018 new dash thoughts?

    New dash is "gee wiz cool" but in reality, once you set a preferred layout, will you ever change it? How much will you be willing to pay and after a year or so, will it be "no big dea!" Wonder if the standard dash will get a digital speed readout.