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  1. 2018 GT MT82 1-2 shift impossible at high RPM

    Ok so after a few tantrums, I decided to go body mounted with the Barton instead of trans mounted and that seems to be the solution. Still getting used to the shorter throw but I can row thru gears like a boss now no matter how high the rpm.I dont even mind the vibration as it is minimal....I...
  2. 2018 GT MT82 1-2 shift impossible at high RPM

    I put in a Barton Hybrid 3, still cant do a 1-2 shift at high RPM.... and now I installed a trans mount void insert from Whiteline.....still cant 1-2 shift at high RPM, oh and now the car vibrates like a motherfucker. I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO A 1-2 SHIFT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.......WTF!!!????
  3. 2018 GT low rpm engine rattle, cylinder damage pics, Ford buyback process

    I hope the crew that worked in mid November 2017 was fired cuz they sure sucked ass. My shift forks took a shit after 4k miles....they put a new transmission in it and now im at 18k miles and I for sure have that fucking rattle and my check engine came on a day ago.....im gonna take it in before...
  4. 2018 MT82 Second gear Lockout

    I would of thought this issue would be non existent after having my transmission replaced but im still experiencing difficulty shifting into 2nd at higher rpm.
  5. 2018 MT82 Second gear Lockout

    Would this be the solution/fix for that issue? TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN 18-2083 5.0L - Manual Transmission - Inability Or Difficulty To Shift Into Second Gear - Built On Or Before 15- Nov-2017 Model: 20 March 2018 Ford 2018 Mustang Issue: Some 2018 Mustang vehicles equipped with a 5.0L...