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  1. Any Detroit area folks on this forum?

    Can anyone recommend a good wheel alignment shop in the metro Detroit area, preferably on the east side ? Thanks
  2. Wengerd Is the King for Tuning!!

    How much does Wengerd charge for a tune? Do they offer Flex fuel tunes ?
  3. Q about front spacers

    you're running your street setup on the Dorman studs without any spacer ?
  4. Coolant level question

    Thanks, I never really paid attention to coolant level much as long as there was visible coolant in the expansion tank. I'll keep an eye out to check when engine is fully warmed up. Can i get away with adding distilled water to top up ?
  5. Q about front spacers

    so based on the suggestion on this forum from someone, I bought one Dorman 610-530 to experiment on my old hub and check to see if it would work. I was surprised I didn't have to clip the head contrary to what people mentioned about head needing to be clipped. The thick shoulder means these...
  6. Coolant level question

    I noticed that my coolant has been below the min line when cold. Should I add the 50/50 prediluted mix or distilled water? I read somwhere that Ford made a change from orange to yellow for the coolant in recent years so not sure if I have to drain and refill or topping off would be fine ? car is...
  7. Wheel hub question

    thanks, the hole is fine probably the angle of picture makes it look that way. My concern is regarding the hub surface , it is scoured a little bit (probably indentations from washers when they tried to install new studs)
  8. Wheel hub question

    I was changing the front studs on my car today and noticed this on one of the hubs. It looks like the shop that installed my extended studs many years overtightened when installing new studs ? I also noticed a small chip on the speed sensor ring. Should I replace the hub with a new one ? Sorry...
  9. 2018 GT Daily Track Driver

    Unless I'm mistaken, if you have the lower K brace you should already have the PP1/2 lower belly pan. If I remember correctly, when I wanted to install the PP2 lip, I had to install lower PP belly ban, K brace with insulator and PP1 splitter first
  10. Ohio WTB NGauage. Prefer w mount

    I have a window mount if you're interested
  11. Ohio Brand new Apex SM-10 19x11 wheels & 305 Michelin tires

    What spacers do you have ?
  12. Ford Performance released its PP2 replica wheels

    I'd also suggest to run a 19x10 square setup with 285/35 if you want the extra sidewall. The lighter SVE wheels also made a difference compared to OEM
  13. OPR 4th Gen Wheel Spacers 25% Off @OPMustang.com

    will the 28mm spacers work with a ARP 100-7733 stud [1' over stock] and 19x11 SVE wheel with 50mm offset and 305/30 tire? just want to ensure there is enough thread on the studs with the thicker spacer
  14. Tire Rack TPMS sensor issue, need advice

    @deng @dengstrom5 have you installed these and are they still working fine ? I just got a wheel set off Fb marketplace and the guy said those sensors are from Tirerack. I'm wondering if I should get new ones or trust the ones that are already on there
  15. OPR 4th Gen Wheel Spacers 25% Off @OPMustang.com

    I'm looking for a set of black 25mm spacers. They show as Sold out on your website, any idea when they'll be back in stock again ?
  16. ||| Tikbalang5.0 Build ||| A do everything style Build

    stumbled upon this thread, good to see a fellow Michigander! Congrats on the car, and nice pictures... I'm interested to see where you'll be going suspension wise. I went from a full FP track kit on my car for couple of years to changing FP springs to BMR SP083, front FP sway bar to BMR, rear FP...
  17. Any Detroit area folks on this forum?

    Thank you, hope to see you around too ! I don't know what those are called, but got them from ebay few years ago
  18. 2018 GT Daily Track Driver

    just come across this thread and went through all the posts. Great work, keep it going. I did something similar with the gauges few years ago. I added Glowshift elite for engine oil temp (used a sandwich adapter near enginer oil filetr), trans and differential oil temp(near drain plugs). I...
  19. New LMR SVE SP2 Wheels (PP2 Replica)

    4 years and my SP2s are still going strong. 285/35s on 19x10 squared setup. I love them !