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  1. creaking and clunking

    Ok, so i just recently installed BMR Minimal lowering springs on my 2020 GT Premium Non performance pack and last few days ive been hearing a lot of creaking and clunking in the rear. Mostly at low speeds and when im turning. You can also hear it really good when pushing the rear down. Could it...
  2. Power

    Ok so I have a 20 GT automatic and I floored it to merge in traffic and it didn't feel quick. My older 16 gt felt like it had more power. My 16 flew me back in my seat when I floored it. Am I crazy or was something done to the 19-20s GTs to make it feel less powerful?
  3. serious problem

    I put a set of wheel spacers on my 2020 mustang 2 weeks ago, felt nervous with them on, so i decided to take them off. Took the driver side front off but now i cant get any of the other bolts loose and in the process i think i stripped some of them. How do i get these off now.
  4. Wheel Spacers

    Does anyone know if 20mm or 25mm wheel spacers will fit ok on a 2020 GT Premium Blackout package 255/40 ZR19 wheels? Will they cause stress/harm to the front axle? Any rubbing? cutting?
  5. Paint Protection Film

    Worth it or not worth it? Any installer recommendations in MD?
  6. Im back.

    After trading in my 19 Mustang GT PP1 last year, i decided to come back to the Mustang world. I just bought a 20 Shadow Black GT with the black out package. Now just looking for a few recommendations for wheel spacers and a protective coating for rock chips. Not planning on doing a lot of mods...
  7. Replace 2019 PP1 suspension with after market parts.

    https://lmr.com/item/MFR3AM8A/mustang-ford-performance-track-handling-pack-15-18 Can someone please help me out? Is this setup an upgrade over the stock 2019 GT Premium PP1 suspension? Is it worth it?
  8. Mustang GT vs. Mustang GT PP1 suspension drop

    Need help. How much of a difference in the drop is there between the two when installing lowering springs. I want to lower my 19 PP1. I also want to keep the car level. I dont want it too low where i would need camber plates either. looking for linear springs.
  9. Question about camber bolts

    My question is, ive taken my car in for an alignment twice specifically to check my camber after lowering my car. They keep saying that its all in spec and my camber is good but my tires are feathered and loud when driving. Not sure what the problem is.