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  1. P0128 check engine light error code

    Anyone else getting this error code with their car? The first time I had this problem was at 2k miles and it turned out to be a bad thermostat since the engine wasn't warming up the way it should. I got it again at 3.8k miles, but this time the thermostat seems to be fine, and the dealer...
  2. Rahtid on Ford Performance website

    It was a pleasant surprise to see my car made headline in an article on FP website. I won the Best Ford class in that car show too :first: I did speak with a dude from FP and he was shocked to see the R had a relatively young owner lol. Then he was happy to see that my tires were 'bald'...
  3. Shmee150 GT350R Review

    Just like the rest of us, he could not get over the sound of the car. And he owns many super cars. [ame]
  4. Rahtid on the dyno

    Car is still stock with 91 octane and it ran 498whp on a Dyno Jet. I'll post the graph when I get it. [ame] Edit: Dyno Jet Edit: Dyno Graph
  5. Rahtid on the Track @WildHorsePass

    So I was finally able to track my R. It is my first time tracking a car but I must say that my karting skills helped a lot. First video was during the new members group and the second was for the intermediate group. Watch the M4 in the side mirror for the 2nd video ;) Enjoy! [ame] [ame]
  6. Track Events thread

    Hey guys, I couldn't find a thread for track event postings so I created one. I registered for the Pro Autosports event at Wild Horse Pass Mondo track in Arizona as recommended by Matt during Black Friday weekend. Anyone else registered for it? I signed up for the 25th and 26th...
  7. What a journey it was to receive my GT350R

    I ordered my 2016 350R on Nov 19, 2015. It was produced April and stolen early May 2016. Re-ordered a 2017 model later than month. And today, 10 months later, it has finally arrived. Welcome HR128!. Exterior: I've stalked all google images, all instagram pictures, this forum and all of youtube...
  8. GT350R by savagegeese

    Very detailed unbiased review. [ame]
  9. GT350R vs Hurucan vs AMG GT S

    http://www.digitaltrends.com/cars/2016-car-awards/ GT350R won the performance and engine categories.
  10. My R was indeed 1 of the 7 Shelby's stolen

    Words cannot describe how I feel right now :(:brokenheart: Yesterday I called FP for the usual status update, and the first thing I was told was "Please call your dealer for an update on your car, I have no info to tell you." I heard it in his voice that something was wrong. Also, Cotus had not...
  11. Top Gear GT350R vs M2

    No one never, ever notices the M2 with the GT350R around lol.
  12. GT350R vs Stingray Grand Sport

    I'm not sure if anyone posted this yet, but the new C7 Grand Sport is very tempting. Its the Z06 with normal vette's engine and its track focused with 0-60 in 3.6 secs...
  13. GT350R with black roof DORA

    Hey guys, can one of you please post your DORA of a GT350R with painted black roof? My dealer believes its not possible to have a GT350R with painted black roof in the DORA. I sent him pictures of GT350 DORAs with black roof and they want one of a GT350R. Thanks