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  1. Colorado NEW - red stitching "Redline" premium interior parts - fits all S550 Mustangs

    I'm selling brand new, unused soft-touch console parts with the red stitching, specifically: JR3Z-63044E50-AA Finish Panel This is the large console panel that wraps around the SYNC, holds the shift boot and cup holder, and under the compartment doot JR3Z-6304609-AA Panel...
  2. Colorado 2x Schroth Quick Fit Pro harnesses

    I sold my GT350R so it's time to sell the harnesses as well. Used 3 times. The cheapest I've found these is $360 each new. Asking $420 for the pair shipped anywhere in the continental US.
  3. So long, and thanks for all the fun - goodbye GT350R, hello Porsche 911

    Last week I parted ways with my 2016 GT350R. Grown man tears were shed. Shelby ownership has been a life-long dream. When I was 6 my dad took me to the Contemporary Classics factory in Mamaroneck, NY to see the Cobra replicas built there. I was hooked. In high school I bought a rusted out ‘68...
  4. Colorado NEW: SRP Racing pedals for 2015+ Mustang - $110 shipped

    These are brand new, never installed SRP Racing pedals with the satin grid finish. Includes dead pedal and clutch pedal. The gas pedal is the “medium” size that is slightly wider to ease heel-toe. New they cost $129 + tax and shipping. They fit all S550 Mustangs from 2015-2021. I’m asking $110...
  5. Does your GT350 make this sound?

    My 2016 GT350R makes a loud, squealing/groaning sound when turning left at low speeds. It's hard to capture just how loud it is when in the car, but I've managed to reproduce the sound and record it here: GT350R squeal when turning left Does anyone else experience this sound with their GT350?
  6. Inner versus outer OEM front brake pads

    Hey all, I’m replacing the front pads on my 2016 GT350R with OEM parts. I can’t find any description as to which part numbers are inner, versus outer. To the best of my understanding, we want the squeal inducing bit, that copper colored tab in the pads in front below, to be on the inside. Is...
  7. UPDATE - 89 days at the dealer - Ford Service Engineer in-person assessment - new steering rack - not fixed

    My 2016 GT350R went to the dealer on August 18th of this year. I was experiencing a very loud groaning sound at low speeds in tight left turns. Only hard left, and only slow. It may happen at higher speeds and harder lefts, but I did not test for that. This dealership has at least one Ford...
  8. 2021 CFTP allocation & Carbon Fiber Handling Package

    Long time GT350R owner here. I’m considering a GT500 and am starting to think through options. Per the news landing page, the 2021 GT500 receives a[n optional] Carbon Fiber Handling Package: On Mustang Shelby GT500, available Carbon Fiber Handling Package includes 20-inch black-painted carbon...
  9. Does anybody make Mustang GT4 style track numbers?

    Hey all, I'm looking for some track numbers like the GT4: Do y'all know if anyone makes these or similar?
  10. Anybody selling a rear seat bottom cushion?

    Hey all, I'm in need of a new rear seat bottom cushion. I figure somebody who had installed a rear seat delete may have a cushion for sale. If so, let me know!
  11. Ford ECU update that reduces piston slap?

    There's a user on another forum that updated the ECU software their 2016 using a recent Ford OEM update and VCM II ODB tool. They claim: reduction in piston slap smoother running engine more torque at low RPS related: the drive mode can be changed even if the exhaust valves are stuck due to...
  12. GT350 Recaros vs. Fiesta ST Recaros

    Has anyone with Shelby Recaros sat in a Fiesta ST with the Recaro package? If so, can you tell me how them compare? I’m 6’4” and (hopefully soon) 200lbs and am snug in the Shelby seats. I wonder if the FiSTs would be too tight.
  13. SCR Performance in Loveland, CO - Anyone here use them?

    I was at SCR Performance in Loveland to get an alignment and saw another GT350 there. SCR posted this on their Facebook: The white one is mine. Is the blue owner on here?
  14. Seeking external dimensions of the FL-2069-ST oil filter

    Hey all, Does anyone have engineering diagrams or 3-views of the FL-2069-ST oil filter? I know it's a stretch but figure I should ask.
  15. Joe Gibbs DRIVEN FR50 5W-50 Synthetic Racing Oil

    The three things I was taught not to discuss in mixed company: religions, politics, and motor oil... Let's all try to keep it together, friends :) I stumbled upon Joe Gibbs DRIVEN FR50 5W-50 Synthetic Racing Oil which I had not previous come across on this forum or others. Joe Gibbs is a...
  16. The R still turns heads - 2 years later

    I got my 2016 GT350R in June of 2016. In that time I’ve put 4300 miles on the car between joy riding and track time at COTA and MSR Houston. When my car was new it drew attention at the Houston Cars & Coffee and any track day I showed up to. Unsurprisingly, the PCOTY was what everyone wanted to...
  17. Metal side emblems?

    I searched but didn’t find much on this topic. Does anyone here have one of the metal “GT350” side emblems off of eBay? How’s quality? I need to replace one of mine and the OEM are expensive and very fragile; the one I ordered arrived broken which appears to be common occurrence during...
  18. My GT350R HPDE Experience at Circuit of the Americas

    Video of Session 4, laps 6 & 7: All, I thought I’d share my experience at Saturday’s Edge Addicts HPDE at Circuit of the Americas in Austin. Driving COTA has been something that I’ve wanted to do for a while, and since I’m moving from Texas to Colorado in 3 weeks (yikes!) it was on my Texas...
  19. Brake pad replacement how-to?

    I swear I saw a how-to on brake pad replacement but a search and Googling doesn't reveal what I'm looking for. Anybody have it bookmarked? Thanks!
  20. GT350R HPDE camera and IT setup - seeking input

    All, I'll be heading to my 5th track day (3rd with the GT350R) at COTA in June. I'm moving from Texas in July and COTA is a serious bucket list track for me. I would like the event documented for fun and posterity. The car: 2016 GT350R MGW shifter Maximum Motorsports Camber Plates...