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  1. Random ticking from Throttle body ?? ***UPDATE***

    The battery was the culprit. New battery and it went away;)
  2. Washington Wts - misc parts-steeda shirt bonus

    Bump.. last of my s550 stuff as I’m moving= stuff is going to dump soon if not bought- bonus T-shirt
  3. Washington Wts - misc parts-steeda shirt bonus

    last of my s550 stuff as I sold it and now moving. Have some parts I removed before dealer took her back . Gonna step back for now so I got a few parts to sell off my old 15’ Gt. —Oem front turn signals , nothing broken or chipped etc $15 — Oem rear side markers—no broken clips $10 - Oem 6...
  4. Washington 15’ - TB & Borla 3” intermediate pipes & factory connection adapters from kit

    Just cleaning up leftoversfrom 2015’ gt Can close this as I made a new post with more items/description , thanks. -Leftover bits from Borla stainless catback kit Both L and R intermediate pipes and adapters to factory connection and 3” with 2 new band clamps. Sold thanks
  5. Ice white mustang Taillights

    looks good @seabee133 I want something like this also. Just can’t do the pure white looking ones for my black Gt what’s your impressions overall of the form ones? fitment, strait plug and play? Overall? thnx
  6. Sct tune throws permanent code? Riddle me

    Ok Should I ask why I shouldn’t run their canned tune? Genuinely curious Also, I updated it while sitting in the car (Bdx) , it said it downloaded to latest firmware..or do I need to download the updated dealio on my laptop and hook it up/update that way?
  7. Ohio GT Premium Leather Seat Covers

    maybe just me.. but that’s super hard to read on dark mode..
  8. Sct tune throws permanent code? Riddle me

    Anyone else have codes permanently stuck on their sct device? got a email into sct and they were quick to first reply, but nothing since Ir I’m about to skip the act and get a steeda tune for the bell of it. And to see if it helps. The laggy pedal bugs me
  9. The Lockout struggle is real

    Sooo... Who has the best price on the Mgw ? Not playing arid and want a trannyuntedvshifter mu h difference between stud and race?
  10. Is a throttle controller going to give me what I want?

    I’m going back and forth with the same as the stock sct didn’t help any of this. Or I get a tune and they can adjust it some? Not sure if both is worth it or tune will fix it enough.. Hate spending money twice..lol
  11. The Lockout struggle is real

    Thinking of trying one of the bushings like mount bushings and replacing the factory shifter with the Mgw mounted strut to the tranny But then I drive it again, and I can hear the TOB/slave getting noisier and thinking that and stock clutch at 78k might be getting low on life left.. Which...
  12. Sct tune throws permanent code? Riddle me

    So I have had a Bdx sitting around for a while and was initially just gonna wait till long tubes, but that’s not happening fast enough , so I decided to open it up and plug it in Got it to pair with WiFi way out in garage and did the “91” tune and changed nothing else. It loaded and all was...
  13. 15-17 Cam Opinions

    Following as Im genuinely interested in the same questions and info To piggyback? What’s all needed to lockout the cams and make em choppy :)
  14. 305/35/20 fit on 20x10 +40 with 1 inch drop?

    ^^ if you want a 28.5” tall tire, not everyone does. lowered 1” inch and 305/30/20 here checking in with no problems
  15. The Lockout struggle is real

    Ok.thinking about just upgrading the shifter looking at the Barton and mgw Now to decide which one and Which height and thread size. just got a steeda ball I’d like to re use. So who’s got the deals?
  16. Idaho For sale: used OEM Cloth Seat Covers

    ok so not covers per say, but the actual seat coverings? I was confused, no worries.
  17. Idaho For sale: used OEM Cloth Seat Covers

    Have a pic when they were installed? how good do they fit?
  18. The Lockout struggle is real

    Thanks guys first thought I’d, so many answers to “help” this problem it’s pretty annoying, anything above 5/5.5k and it will not go in , unless I slow it down or let the rpm’s drop some clutch iany on my list ..Yet..feels good and stock in assuming. But for now not pulling it apart. it’s...