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  1. Alignment after many upgrades

    Why does camber need to be even on both sides? Isn’t it acceptable to live within the provided tolerances? I.e. front: -1.9L,-1.8R. Rear: -1.7L, -1.4R. What issues would these differences create?
  2. Door latch/striker adjustment limits?

    As follow up: I was able to adjust my passenger striker inward about 1mm (as much as it allowed). This got me almost flush. I’m happy with the fit now. One thing to note, it was obvious there’s a nut plate on the back of the passenger striker. There does not appear to be one on the drivers...
  3. Camber wear or alignment issue?

    Thoughts: 1) Get the alignment checked again (it's been a year). 2) I think you want a smidge of toe in.
  4. Adjusting doors?

    Did you figure this out? I just posted a similar question about how much adjustment there is from loosening the striker.
  5. Door latch/striker adjustment limits?

    Thanks CJ. Your postings are/were very helpful, and they were the majority of what I researched last night, but they don't shed any light on the overall adjustability of the striker latch. Both my passenger and driver doors on my 2021 GT stick out about 3/16ths which is borderline to...
  6. Door latch/striker adjustment limits?

    I spent a considerable amount of time searching and didn't find an answer. How do you increase the adjustability of the door striker? Can you wallow out the door jamb holes? I forgot who the poster was on this forum, but they showed a pic of the striker removed and it had one oblong hole and...
  7. Disabled EQ with forscan, what would you do next for upgrade?

    Do I need to use an LOC before going into an amp if I disabled the EQ with forscan?
  8. Disabled EQ with forscan, what would you do next for upgrade?

    If I add an amp to power the stock speakers, do I need a 6 channel amp? My understanding is the tweeters run from the front door mid speakers. So a 6 channel would power the door woofers, mid/tweeter, and rear deck speakers. 3 sets x 2 sides. Do I understand this correctly? Or, I think some...
  9. TuxMats on Manual?

    I drive barefoot if I’m wearing flip flops. Otherwise, they catch on the floormats when working the clutch.
  10. Disabled EQ with forscan, what would you do next for upgrade?

    Is there a plug n play small amp that would replace the factory amp, but provide enough juice to give better sound? $400-$500 for something turn key? I don't want to mess with needing a laptop to tune an amp, or do fancy programming, or run a bunch of wires. I'm closer to 50 yrs old than 40...
  11. UHP tire performance or AS?

    I have a ‘21 GT. I live in Michigan and garage my car during the winter. The rest of the year, if it’s 50 degrees or colder and there’s a chance of rain the car stays in the garage. I’m going to upgrade to a 19x10 square setup this spring and I’m trying to figure out if I should just get an...
  12. Disabled EQ with forscan, what would you do next for upgrade?

    I have a ‘21 GT. So far, I used forscan to disable the factory EQ, and I also unplugged the center dash speaker. Everything is stock. I am not an audiophile and I don’t want to add a sub. After forscan, what would you do next to create better sound? More clear and louder. Would you upgrade...
  13. Benefit to square wheel setup vs staggered?

    Already installed the z26 pads this spring along with the MGW x spec shifter.
  14. Benefit to square wheel setup vs staggered?

    I currently believe having as wide a tire as possible both front and rear offers a substantial performance benefit in the form of grip and handling. I'm a 46 yr old newb mustang owner, so I may be entirely wrong. I don't like the sunken look of the front wheels. I want to upgrade them to...
  15. Weird water leak

    Still waiting on the dealer to finish mine! Come on, its been over three weeks!
  16. Weird water leak

    I got confirmation today that the metal seam is the cause of the leak on my 2021 GT. Every time I washed it it would cause water to run down the A pillar and into the drivers side floorboard. Dealer says it's in the body shop right now getting fixed. Hopefully I get it back the middle of next...
  17. What fluid for my 2021 gt performance pack 6 spd manual trans?

    I’ve been doing a bit of research and can’t find recent fluid recommendations for changing out the mt82 fluid. I see Calimer transmissions recommend Amsoil 75w90 severe gear, some recommend motul dct, BG fluids, Steeda sells an additive for $50 for less than an ounce, etc. What is the latest...
  18. Mustang Winter Storage

    Put away in the garage in November: washed, changed oil, filled up with recreational Gas, hooked up the battery minder, and put the cover on. I’ll probably pull it out in April.
  19. Any recourse for buying CPO and finding out it had body work done?

    This past May I purchased my 2021 GT from a Ford Dealer..Certified Pre Owned (whatever the highest level is). The carfax did not disclose or note that the vehicle was involved in an accident. Upon getting the car home, I noticed there was a faint tape line around the driver's side rear window...
  20. Yes, Disconnecting the Center Dash Speaker is 100% Better

    Yes, but only at higher volumes where the factory EQ would clip bass. It makes the factory system sound decent. I plan on upgrading the 3.5” mids next.