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  1. Bossing's GT350 journey....

    I want this so bad.....:love:
  2. Bossing's GT350 journey....

    Nice. I believe my lap times were 1:52 - 1:53 consistently. Then my instructor did a 1:49 and humbled me lol.
  3. Cloudy R

    My twin! Same theme here.
  4. Personal Videos Thread

    Speaking of tunnels, here is a proper video of me in one. Sound from inside the car and outside by the license plate. [ame]
  5. GT350R splitter group buy - $950 plus ship - Roll call

    If you're an R owner I highly recommend keeping a spare splitter. Your splitter WILL rub continuously and eventually rip off from air downforce. There was a guy on the Shelby GT350 owners FB page selling OEM R splitters for $800 plus shipping.
  6. Tires - Michelin Pilot Super Sports (305/325) GOOD PRICE!!

    None, I have a friend that works at Michelin.
  7. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I installed Ground Control camber plates on my R. Anyone else uses GC?
  8. Tires - Michelin Pilot Super Sports (305/325) GOOD PRICE!!

    Can the Michelin Pilot Sports 305s fit on the R rear wheels? I was able to buy 6 of them for $561 total, the 325s weren't available.
  9. PPF: Xpel Ultimate or Suntek?

    That is accurate. I had the same question when I wanted a clear bra as well. I ultimately put xpel on my car mainly because my color is AG and I will track often. In your case I would recommend Suntek first since it won't show the orange peel and it is still good enough if you track...
  10. P0128 check engine light error code

    Yup, hopefully you guys won't experience my experiences. First my 2016 R was stolen from Flat Rock now this with my 2017 lol.
  11. P0128 check engine light error code

    It actually started from the week prior to the track day. Anyways I finally got my car back and it was pretty crazy what they had to do. It seems the coolant had microscopic metal shavings inside and they got stuck in the thermostat which prevents it from closing..... So they had to flush...
  12. P0128 check engine light error code

    Anyone else getting this error code with their car? The first time I had this problem was at 2k miles and it turned out to be a bad thermostat since the engine wasn't warming up the way it should. I got it again at 3.8k miles, but this time the thermostat seems to be fine, and the dealer...
  13. ZL1 vs GT350 head to head next week!

    Its expected to be slower than the ZL1. Its not expected to have the same exact time a the SS 1LE though haha.
  14. ZL1 vs GT350 head to head next week!

    Isn't their own version of the R the 1LE?
  15. AVALANCHE GRAY GT350/R Thread

  16. ZL1 vs GT350 head to head next week!

    Looks like KBB released theirs first. Enjoy! [ame]
  17. Bossing's GT350 journey....

    LMAO poor Z06. The 991.2 GT3 manual in Chalk color (looks similar to AG) is my next goal. Just need to figure out how to get it and keep my R at the same time. I'll try take some notes from you ;)
  18. Any Recommendations for Ford Dealer in the Scottsdale/Phoenix Area

    I'll be taking mine to Berge Ford