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  1. SCT X4 Tuner with Steeda Tune

    My Bullitt is a manual. I can only imagine how much more fun the Tremec in track mode and on E85 can be.
  2. SCT X4 Tuner with Steeda Tune

    Just throwing this out there as an option. I have the Steeda tune for my Bullitt, which is the same engine setup as the Mach1 and it was a bit peppier on 93. However the E85 Steeda tune is where it is at. The lowend torque is up and no need for long tube headers.
  3. If Mach E had a gas engine, would it still be a dud?

    My opinion...better color choices and a totally different name would of been the proper way to go sales wise. Now if it had an actual V8 in that thing, it would of sold better for sure. AWD even better, heck we could of used the AWD parts to make the Stang a AWD monster. Well for those that...
  4. Need Help choosing new exhaust

    I believe it's the packing material inside the exhaust that was different. The resonator were the same. Stay away from flowmaster. I like the X-pipe on mine. Is the "track mode" exhaust option not loud enough for you?
  5. New to me Bullitt, w/E85 Steeda Tune, Subframe brace etc

    I got the JLT intake made for the Bullitt/Mach-1. The tube looks nice... The stock Filter diameter is larger vs the JLT. The silicone adapter is a bit large around the throttle body. The fitment is ok once I clamped it down. After looking at the difference in filter diameter, I'm not in a...
  6. New to me Bullitt, w/E85 Steeda Tune, Subframe brace etc

    I got me some R8 G-Loc front brake pads. This a really beefy looking brake pad vs the Z26. I'll get the matching rear pad later, along with Titanium shims. But looking at the backing of these pads, I wonder if they even need shims.
  7. Steeda IRS Brace

    I went with the polyurethane version, since I don't drag race.
  8. Steeda IRS Brace

    I did the upgrades in stages to see what the differences were on my car. 1. Rear IRS brace made the rear more stable at launches and high speed corners. 2. Front K-Member made my steering feel more responsive and feels planted at high speed corners. 3. Subframe alignment and support kit added...
  9. Proflex, Soler 91mm, JLT Intake

    I suggest you get a tune for E85 for the max benefits of the new corn diet. Otherwise you won't get that 10+% increase in HP at the top end. I know my Bullitt is no 350, but it does have the same intake manifold, throttle body and intake tube. I also run the Soler throttle body and it makes...
  10. Traction Control

    So far for me, turning it all off doesn't give me the YT vid scenario. Instead the rear breaks loose from 1st to 2nd and I can correct it. With just the TC off, the car still tries to overcorrect itself and the YT vid scenario pops up.
  11. New to me Bullitt, w/E85 Steeda Tune, Subframe brace etc

    Did the Texas State inspection with the E85 Steeda tune installed. Checked with the OBD MX+ app to see if the car was in "ready" and went for it. Passed and ordered the renewal sticker. Nobody at the shop could drive a manual. The owner had to come out and do the drive test. Shop owner took...
  12. Best Brake for street/Tracks

    I have the Z26. Very nice for the street, but they are only good for two 130mph back to back stops. Lots of smoke afterwards and need to cool down, before they are useful again...Brake fade is really bad when they are hot.
  13. Any Recommendation for a Particular OBD2 Scan Tool?

    I've been using BlueDriver and OBDLink MX+ for years. The BlueDriver gives way more detail when something is wrong. The MX+ can read and write with forscan.
  14. Guys, how important is the “Shelby” name to the enjoyment of your car?

    I think "Shelby's" are special. It can also be that my old butt is influenced by the history of the guy and what he has accomplished in the automotive industry. I also like the looks of the Shelby branded vehicles. The cars look different and so do the performance numbers. The Shelby name...
  15. Which car do I choose ? M1 vs 13’ GT500

    So I set my rev limiter at 8K rpm on my Bullitt and do rev it up that high once in a while. You could do the same with the Mach 1. And while you are at it, run a E85 Tune for even more fun. And if you do the E85 thing, a Soler throttle-body will make it more fun.
  16. Which car do I choose ? M1 vs 13’ GT500

    The Mach 1 is a nice looking vehicle. Stock startup exhaust noise is really nice and way louder vs the Bullitt. I wouldn't want to change the exhaust at all. It will look good even after 15 years. I would just do the typical stop the hop kit and front K-member extreme brace. There is one at...
  17. Lexus RC F

    I've driven my friends LC500 and that is a refined monster. Power is very linear and "quiet" at high speeds, vs my Bullitt with active exhaust in quiet mode. Those pedal shifters were not bad either. But it's too pricey for my tiny wallet.