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  1. 1300HP Code Red GT500

    Maybe I'm behind on posts, but I'm wondering if there are any takers for this?
  2. Spotted for Sale. 2021 GT 350

  3. S650 vs S197 Models

    In a recent conversation with my son, I asked him what he would do with my '15 GT if something happened to me. He said that he would sell it and buy a 2013 or '14 Boss 302. He owned 3 different Mustangs ('02,'04 and '14), and sadly wrecked all three, though one was not his fault. He does not...
  4. Sirius XM

    Just wondering if the XM stations & the dj's are the same in Australia, Europe & other places are the same as the United States
  5. Just Finished My Project

    As with most projects, the planning, research & funding takes longer than the actual wrenching. But as Hannibal says in the tv show A Team: I love it when a plan comes together! Started out with a Ford Motorsports strut tower brace & Steeda's G-Trac K member. Those 2 additions did make a slight...
  6. S550 VIN Questions

    Aside from where the car was built, color, etc., & not having to take my car apart to see what options came with it, using my VIN#, is there a way to obtain the build sheet Ford used to create my car?