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  1. FP book from dealer.

    Hey y’all. Visiting from gt500 section. I was at my dealer the other day and my salesmen gave me this book. Never seen it. As I don’t have a 350, I’d trade straight up for one for a 500. (I assume they did one, I have this one and a FP history that looks the same). Otherwise, I’d appreciate...
  2. Anyones active exhaust valve start rattling?

    Definitely mode dependent. I reached in with a wire and the sound stopped immediately when I touched the flapper. Can’t see it moving. Any quick fix at home for it? Or is it back to the dealer for an entire exhaust system (probably)?
  3. Launch control rpm for street.

    What do you guys (whose who’ve used) set your launch control rpm at for ps4’s on street?
  4. DCT fluid leak *update* got it back fixed.

    My car has what appears to be a dct fluid leak. It’s up around the cooler, maybe it is the cooler. I’ve called both local dealers and both say it’s 65+ days before they could look at it. What are my next options? I am pretty down right now. This is my daily driver and I haven’t even had it a...
  5. Louisiana SCT X4

    Full kit. Unmarried from my car and erased my tune. Was used on one car just once. You’ll need a custom tune (or use the canned tunes). 240$ OBO shipped. Pic is powered up just now, you will get it packed in all original packaging.
  6. Louisiana SOLD. Redline hood struts for 15-21 models.

    Took off my 15 gt before trade. AM advertises for 15-21 models is same kit. 60$ shipped. I don’t have the instructions but I will help find them for you.
  7. 480 miles

    I read the thread about it. Did any resolution ever happen or be found? Mine is 2021. I let it sit 15 min and restarted and it’s cleared now. Haven’t driven again yet. Trans temp is 120*. Oil pressure is working (one dude said his was bad and changing fixed). Car would downshift fine, upshift...
  8. How often does tire pressure update, and cleaned up pics

    How often does the tire pressures inside update? When cleaning up the car, I heard what sounded like air leak squealing at the front passenger tire. I didn’t see any bubbles. Even think I smell rubber but it’s brand new so could just be tire. But the pressure inside hasn’t changed a single psi...
  9. Got her home

    Picked her up this morning. Base with blue stripes and tech pack. So far, I love it
  10. Welcome to the club, I guess?

    Been a member here since 2014 when I bought my 50th anniversary. I put a deposit on a 21 base white with blue stripes, tech pack today. It’s in transit. After reading about everything and no telling if or when I could get a 22 built, this came along so I took it. Now to wait. It’s in transit to...
  11. 2022 allotment and ordering and opinions on paint idea

    I see somewhere that 2022 ordering opens in October sometime. Is there an exact date yet? When will dealers find out their 2022 allotment? thanks y’all. At the moment, I’m thinking atlas blue with Wimbledon white stripes (I’ll add them later). But one of my (my only)qualm with the car is the...
  12. Couple questions for owners.

    Hi y’all. I’m tip toeing here from the 50th anniversary area. Yep, still driving it. I’m considering a gt500 to replace the 50th. It’ll be my daily. That said, I’m curious about a couple options that I don’t see. I’ll be ordering a base model with tech package. Probably velocity blue and I’ll...
  13. Gt500 and FordPass question

    I’m thinking about a new mustang. The 500 is on my radar. Question for you guys. Can you start your gt500 from FordPass app on your phone? Any of you daily your gt500? Impressions? Advice? If I do this, it’ll be pretty much a base car with tech package.
  14. Polished up #1596

    It was looking a little dull. Clay bar, polished and glazed it. Good coat of wax. Now she’s shinin like she’s supposed to.
  15. My journey through 50th anniversary decisions

    Journey This might be long. So bear with me. I do have a point here. I’ve got something that really won’t matter to anyone but me. But I’ve got to get it out of my head. Some of you might appreciate this. Here lately, I’ve been having the itch for a new car. Ever since the gt350 heritage...
  16. Adding fordpass to 2015? Or increase remote range?

    Is there a way to increase the range on the 2015 remote for remote start? I need a little farther to reach from where I walk into change house at work so it's warmed up or cooled off when I come out. Or, is there a way to add fordpass to them easily or a way to add remote start from phone?
  17. Is there still a 50th FB group?

    Is there still a 50th anniversary Facebook group? If so, is it active?
  18. 1596 is home.

    Thank @mgh-tx for turning me onto it. Me and the wife drive up yesterday and picked it up. It had 418 miles on it. We drove 522 miles home. The world is back in balance again. It might not be #275, but it's a fresh start. It even still smells new inside and out. Being a Texas car, it's...
  19. Does anyone know anything about #1251?

    Does anyone have any information about #1251? I messed up and sold #275 last year and thinking about picking up another. It's the only car I've ever sold that I really regret.
  20. Redline hood shocks.

    Demodded mg car. I didn’t get a unibit like they send now but you don’t need it. I used a 1/2 still bit lol. No instructions but very easy to install. I can guide you. Let’s go 60$ shipped. The gauge pod in photo is sold already. PM me or leave contact info (like email) here. Not sure why...