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  1. Continental, ExtremeContact SPORT tire review -with Motec Data (MotoIQ)

    MotoIQ.com just tested the brand new Continental ExtremeContact SPORT -which debut earlier this month: “Same level dry performance as a Michelin Pilot Super Sport”. That is a HUGE statement by Continental when the PSS is hands down the segment leading benchmark. Continental is extremely...
  2. MotoIQ's Project E90 M3 vs Stock 2016 Mustang GT -at PBIR

    From the article: Packing more than 50whp over stock, our Project E90 M3 took to the track at Palm Beach International Raceway (ROAD COURSE) to see how it stacks up against a 2016 Ford Mustang GT. Both cars have similar power, weight, and are equipped with similarly sized Continental...
  3. Carbon Fiber Trim Option?

    Is there an option for a carbon fiber trim panels in the 2015s? I met a guy who just bought this V6 auto and he said the trim panels were from the factory and not wrapped: