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  1. torque for tightening wheels, 2019 GT

    I thought I read in the manual the torque for tightening the lugs was 150 ft lbs, but a lot of people say that's wrong, including the mechanic at the dealer. Anyone??
  2. Cleaning your undercarriage ( don't laugh)

    Those of us in states where they spread lots of salt have to think about keeping it off the undercarriage. And many of us won't go thru car washes, for a number of reasons incl clearance issues and the damage those giant mops can do, not to mention the wax they spray everywhere. Even though...
  3. Wondering about the line lock..

    Never have used the line lock- not sure if I ever will- but IF I did, how much rubber would be burned off with a MILD smoke out? Tires have 17,000 miles.
  4. Local dealer just rec'd a 500

    While getting my new Explorer serviced yesterday, they had just rec'd a new dark red 500. What a beautiful car!!! Didn't look at the sticker but salesman said the car was available. Verner Cadby of Fairfield NJ 973 575 0333. I went out and bought some lottery tix.
  5. stupid question # 55

    Did I read somewhere that, re locking the car ( '19 GT) it's better to use the remote than the button on the door because the remote shuts down more electric functions?
  6. need car cover for '19 GT

    Who sells top quality car covers for '19 GT? Have to leave car outside while work is done in garage. Seeing therapist soon.
  7. Question re Sport vs Sport + mode

    After 2 years you'd think I would have figured this out by now; I like flipping the toggle switch into "Sport +" and driving around. I don't often use the paddle shifters but I really like the way the car runs in that mode. Today I put the Shifter into "S" and I understand the difference between...
  8. Happy Mustang Day

    Heard on the radio today was Mustang Day. But we have to share it with Cheeseball Day. No kidding!
  9. Anyone looking for a '19 Bullitt in New Jersey?

    Verner Cadby Ford in Fairfield NJ has 2 Bullitts. Saw them today. Both stickered at $49,000. Didn't see any markup. I bought my '19 Gt there (among other cars and trucks over the years) and my salesman, Paul, helped me to get $5,500 in rebates incl X plan. 973 575 0333
  10. Trouble with tailgaters

    Maybe it's my imagination but when I'm driving, usually in Sport, on a highway like the Turnpike or Parkway, ( 2019 GT Premium with A-10) at speed, because the trans downshifts and slows the car down, I tend to lay off the brakes. This is a good thing, and the car is a dream to drive. But, the...
  11. question about 0-60 time

    2019 GT automatic/ all stock incl stock 18" wheels. I've tried the 0-60 timer in both automatic mode and the 'Christmas Tree" thing, and I can't get lower than 5.2 seconds. have tried Sport and Drag mode, have NOT disengaged traction control yet. Today I stomped on it good ( or so I thought)...
  12. question re red caliper covers

    Looking at the new American Muscle catalogue, on p 75 they have a series of red caliper covers. But two of them are apparently for 19" wheels only and mine are stock 18" The third set, the one with the Mustang logo with the tri-bars, says " 15-19 Standard EcoBoost/V6. I spoke to someone there...
  13. strange thing happened while driving home

    2019 GT 3600 miles/ driving home last night, got caught in a bad rainstorm ( first time in rain). Was fooling around with cruise control. Thought I turned it off. The car started "surging", like I was stepping on the gas, except I wasn't. Sounded almost like it was downshifting. RPM's hardly...
  14. changing drive modes while car is moving

    2019 GT with auto/ I read the manual pretty well but can't find the answer to this question; is it ok to switch from mormal to sport, drag,track, ice/snow, etc while the car is moving?
  15. question re changing color of calipers

    I have a '19 GT Premium. All Magnetic, no black roof. Changed the badge from red to black, as well as the pony at the grill. Stock wheels ( black) which I like. To liven it up I was thinking of changing the calipers to red. As far as I can see there are 3 ways; - painting the existing - adding...
  16. need to change oil for 1/4 mile drag?

    I read in the manual Ford recommends changing out the oil before racing ( to a 5-30 I think). Question; by racing do they mean 1/4 drag? Or around a twisty track? Can you re-use the original oil, if I have 3000 miles on speedometer?
  17. Just got back from Florida trip/counting new Mustangs

    On the way Northbound from Key West to Miami we started noticing a ton of new Mustangs. In the space of about 4 hours we stopped counting after 45; all but 2 or 3 were convertibles. Most popular color red, followed by white. Must be a popular rental option. Only a couple of Gt's. Most were...
  18. question about 1/4 mile racing

    How much road do you need to bring the car to a complete stop after going thru the traps?
  19. A word about trans oil temp ( '19 GT Premium)

    I was goofing around with the gauges feature, looking at the different temperature reading etc. ( And wondering why I need to know the temp of the intake manifold ?). Referring to oil temp someone earlier mentioned that it's important to let these engines warm up properly because 10 qts of cold...
  20. Problem with Track Apps

    Have '19 , A-10 400 miles on speedo. Can't get Track Apps to work. Tried turning off all driver aids- no dice. Any suggestions?