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  1. Transmission Cooler leak

    I’ve had two of them fail now. (Daily driver). First at 900 miles. Second at 7k. Ford replaced them, no issues. Parts arrived in 2 days and they had me done on day 3 both times. Second time, when they called ford, and mentioned it was #2, ford told them to replace the lines to and from all the way.
  2. FP book from dealer.

    ok thanks!
  3. FP book from dealer.

    No author or publisher listed. Simply says 2017 Ford and the printer (color tech in USA). Looks like usual marking of a promotional printed item. I don’t know if it came in the owner kit, my salesman just pulled it out of his desk drawer. I suspect he got it as a promotional item at some point...
  4. FP book from dealer.

    Hey y’all. Visiting from gt500 section. I was at my dealer the other day and my salesmen gave me this book. Never seen it. As I don’t have a 350, I’d trade straight up for one for a 500. (I assume they did one, I have this one and a FP history that looks the same). Otherwise, I’d appreciate...
  5. True 50th LE Ownership input

    I’ve owned 2. The evap core failed in both and was replaced under warranty. My paint on both was great. Biggest complaint about the body was the trunk fitment at pass side rear corner. I did add sync 3 with CarPlay to the second one. We’ll worth it. Requires new APIM or whatever that is...
  6. 2023 GT500

    what about having a beer and not thinking about doing that? Lol I don’t know the laws but this doesn’t sound right. I’m 2014, they stayed building 2015’s in august or September and was building 2015’s in august and September of 2015 still. A few months overlapped.
  7. Stolen GT500's from Flat Rock

    Its like dejavu all over again. They are easy to take out of that mode if you know how.
  8. Anyones active exhaust valve start rattling?

    Definitely mode dependent. I reached in with a wire and the sound stopped immediately when I touched the flapper. Can’t see it moving. Any quick fix at home for it? Or is it back to the dealer for an entire exhaust system (probably)?
  9. Snoopy 49

    He was a great help to me when I was looking for one! Thanks snoopy!
  10. 2022 GT500 - Not doing allocations this year?

    I have heard the same with the caveat that your ford pass points will help (or hinder if not enough) get your order through faster for a Shelby in 22. It was a rumor but similar story line “a friend of a friend”. Similar sounding though. How that combines with fords statement that each dealer...
  11. GT500 Drivetrain........Fox Body Swap Anyone?.......

    I want that for my 33 ford (currently has whippled gen 2 coyote and 6r80) lol.
  12. Launch control rpm for street.

    What do you guys (whose who’ve used) set your launch control rpm at for ps4’s on street?
  13. Oil Filter

    I did and it got cancelled. Try it though and let us know.
  14. Oil Filter

    Tom’s right. That’s only way to force fords hand and keep your warranty.
  15. Oil Filter

    Ding ding ding. I have a special relationship with my long term, long time dealer.
  16. Oil Filter

    Nope. Harder. I passed on cftp at invoice. I dunno where to find a filter lol.
  17. GT500 boost guage

    Yeah, I was a boosted gt guy that did that. Maybe was one of the first in 2015. But the gt500 has different gauges there. Manifold vac isn’t one. The ecoboost has same gauges just different range on manifold pressure side as the gt PP. the 500 doesn’t. That’s what I’m saying.
  18. GT500 boost guage

    No. The gt500 has oil pressure and oil temp there, not manifold pressure like performance pack gt’s.
  19. TSB 21-2148: Cracked transmission cooler tubes

    What was your cars production date?
  20. DCT fluid leak *update* got it back fixed.

    A new cooler and 5 pints of fluid later, got her back!