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  1. No air to feet ?

    A couple of days ago I drove my wife's V6 and noticed that there was no air to the feet. I asked her how long this hasn't worked and she said forever - I can't be sure but it may have happened at the time we upgraded to Sync3 and large screen. Only air to the defrost and center dashboard vents...
  2. Kentucky 2015 4" Bezel with Display

    This base sync system is fully functional and in good condition. It also comes with the USB media hub for the center console. I upgraded to the 8" touchscreen. $50 Buyer to pay shipping - estimate USPS will be around $30
  3. K&N HP-2011 Performance Wrench-Off Oil Filter $6.60

    K&N HP-2011 Performance Wrench-Off Oil Filter $6.60 (was $8.98) https://www.amazon.com/HP-2011-Performance-Wrench-Off-Oil-Filter/dp/B00353M2P0/ref=au_as_r?_encoding=UTF8&Make=Ford%7C54&Model=Mustang%7C688&Year=2015%7C2015&ie=UTF8&n=15684181&s=automotive&vehicleId=5&vehicleType=automotive
  4. 2015 V6 - how to dampen throttle for smoothe take off

    Most threads I found were for increasing throttle response, not what I'm after. My wife's throttle is very sensitive coming off closed throttle making the car lurch forward - could this be a badly adjusted throttle position sensor, although I don't think these are adjustable with the drive by...
  5. Kentucky WTB 2015-2018 auto trans gear shift knob - chrome coming off mine

    Bought my wife's 2015 V6 with 50K miles on the clock, and the chrome on the gear shift knob is lifting in one spot leaving sharp edges, and I guess warranty replacement is out, so looking to buy a good used one. Here's another thread showing the same problem I'm having...
  6. Considering buying 19" staggered take-offs for 2015 V6

    Just put new tires on my wife's 2015 V6 and soon after that I got tempted to buy the new wheel & tire take-off's advertised on eBay specifically the 19" staggered and wanted to hear from those in the know here if it would be a direct fit without any wheel arch issues etc. Current wheels all...
  7. 2015 V6 Auto DIY transmission oil & filter change

    We purchased a 2015 V6 for my wife with 50K miles on the clock. I changed out some/most of the transmission fluid and the filter. Got the car on 4 jack stand and left the jack on the side I was climbing under for backup. Used the oil extractor to draw out most of the oil in the pan before...