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  1. 2018 Active Exhaust Install Guide

    Former Mustang and GT350 owner that has used this thread extensively to retrofit an active exhaust on a 2013 Roush Raptor. Some info for those wanting to do a Retrofit on a 2015-2017 with either open/close or variable valves. There's two types of valves: FR3Z-5K245-A has 3 pins and is used...
  2. Ford Debuts 2022 Shelby GT500 Heritage Edition and 2022 Mustang EcoBoost Coastal Edition

    Where's the Grabber Blue Metallic that's been teased?
  3. Dave Pericak speaks a bit about the Mustang's future

    I share the same thoughts. In my opinion the GT500 is just a Tesla that makes noise. They're only fun when balls to the wall, get boring quick in normal driving and easily will get you arrested. Compared to the GT350 which is a visceral soul churning experience in every situation it is put in.
  4. Dave Pericak speaks a bit about the Mustang's future

    This thread is quite comical, you got a bunch of people who fail to recognize that "performance experience" is literally just a dressed up version of "driving experience" which has been around forever. I believe the car in the Ford Performance lineup that best exemplifies "performance...
  5. Is this the fastest stock GT500?

    Oh no, the horror!
  6. Is this the fastest stock GT500?

    Talk about a bad case of selective reading. "For the first time ever, Dodge offers a fully OEM developed bolt on drag strip performance pack- age as an aftermarket option for your Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. The Demon Crate con- tent improves performance with a selection of direct connection...
  7. Is this the fastest stock GT500?

    Stock means factory configuration. The Demon with crate parts is not stock. They are aftermarket parts installed after the vehicle is produced. The crate is an aftermarket parts offering, you literally quoted it. The performance parts included in the crate are supplied by Direct...
  8. Is this the fastest stock GT500?

    Good god, what a cluster this thread has turned into. First, what are aftermarket parts? "The definition of aftermarket parts is replacement parts that are made by a company other than the car's original manufacturer." As shown previously in this thread, Dodge states in the owner's manual...
  9. 2021 Mach 1 Mustang Prototype Spied on The Prowl?!

    Look closely at the front bumper, massive holes cut in where the GT350's coolers would be positioned. M6G thinks they are above copyright infringement, nothing new.
  10. 2020 vs 2019 Engine

    The Gen 1 coyote had changes throughout it's production cycle but it is still considered a Gen 1, so why is the Voodoo treated any different? The 2019 Voodoo had numerous changes over the 2018, hence why it is called a Gen 2.
  11. 2021 Mach 1 Mustang Prototype Spied on The Prowl?!

    So far it's shaping up nicely Unique front fascia to enable coolers GT350/GT500 Engine Oil Cooler GT350 Transmission Cooler Bullitt brake calipers and rotors TREMEC TR3160 GT350/GT500 spoiler-wing GT500 rear diffuser GT350/GT500 differential cooler Unique exhaust tips
  12. 2020 vs 2019 Engine

    How is the 2019+ Voodoo "Gen 2" a myth?
  13. 2019 5.2 Voodoo Bbq / typewriter tick

    Someone posted about this specific tick on the Facebook group. It has to do with the oiling system, they isolated the sound using a stethoscope to around the oil filter housing area. Which makes sense why it would start making noise after the first oil change.
  14. 2015-18 Voodoo gen 1 vs 2019-2020 gen 2

    2019-2020 Gen 2 Voodoo Changes https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/2019-voodoo-changes.124665/ Voodoo Engine Failure Statistics: https://overrunautomotive.com/articles/gt350-engine-failure-by-the-numbers/
  15. 2020 Shelby GT350 Engine Failure

    The biggest IF in the RAV/Lemon Buyback process is your state lemon law. If your state lemon law sucks then you are SOL. My state only uses "collateral charges" in the lemon law so Ford RAV takes liberty and claims only what is on the buyer's order when the vehicle was purchased will be...
  16. 2020 Shelby GT350 Engine Failure

    Interestingly enough when my first engine went it destroyed the battery which prevented myself and the dealer from firing it up again.
  17. First GT500 Issue? Rocker Moldings Melting

    If you step on the rocker panel it is going to deform where you stepped on it not uniformly across the whole rocker panel. The mounting clips are going to break before you even get close to putting your full weight on it. If this was caused by careless people stepping on it, we would be seeing...