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  1. Tail Light Out, Then Back On

    I bought a rear lighting control module and before I could install it my wife wrote-off her 2015 V6. If you'd like to try this module I can let you have it for $35 including USPS shipping. FORD MUSTANG LIGHTING CONTROL MODULE OEM KR3T14D644BA
  2. Is my car totaled?

    I'd never heard of them - first try and confirm its a good site - thanks.
  3. Is my car totaled?

    After looking a few other brands and styles, my wife is firm on getting another Mustang. Where's the best place online to search for a good used one? My limit is $23K and as much as I like the 3.7L V6, I'll also look at the 2.3 EcoBoost.
  4. Is my car totaled?

    We're with Erie insurance. What can we expect the settlement figure to be? We're picking up a rental tomorrow morning which is for 5 days and can be extended by contacting the insurance. Damn, I'm going to miss this vehicle and don't know where and what we'll go with next. New Sync3 8" with...
  5. Is my car totaled?

    Will hear from the insurance adjuster early next week, but I'm expecting my wife's Mustang will be written off - just not going to find another perfect specimen.
  6. Brake Fluid Change?

    My recommendation is for folks here to search for a reliable source, and the results will most likely contradict the advice offered above. Why Is Moisture in the Fluid a Problem? Dirty - what's the criteria? Or they just fail at the most inopportune time.
  7. Brake Fluid Change?

    I believe conductivity due to retained moisture - It correlated with my old Fluke 77 resistance measurement.
  8. Brake Fluid Change?

    Brake fluid change interval is usually based on time, and that depends on the average humidity in your area. I change mine based in the indications from my cheap tester that I bought on Amazon...
  9. Differential Fluid

    Amsoil https://www.amsoil.com/p/amsoil-severe-gear-75w-90-100-synthetic-gear-lube-svg/ Contains friction modifiers for limited-slip applications
  10. Mustang S550 - Taillight Issue On and Off!

    All the dealerships contacted no longer have the BCM update files, so now I'm looking to do what was successful for you but I cant find a used 2017+ BCMB on eBay. Where is this module located? Also, is that photo of the convertible BCM? Edit: Found it...
  11. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    I added gas to my 2015 V6 at about 75K miles mid 2023 and then again later in 2023 and thereafter found this thread. Has anyone had theirs replaced under warranty/latent defect this late in the game?
  12. Tail Light Out, Then Back On

    This is the response I got: checked Ford's Professional Technician System (PTS) website for the cited SSM 47429, and it's no longer available for callup. I welcome any help I can get to help my dealership find this and apply it our Mustang.
  13. What gear oil do you use ? Additive or no?

    That's what I used a few months back - Amsoil confirmed by email that the friction additive is not required for the Mustang diff - it already contains sufficient . Contains friction modifiers for limited-slip applications
  14. Turn signals not sequencing

    Tail Light Out, Then Back On | Page 6 | 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, EcoBoost, GT350, GT500, Bullitt, Mach 1) - Mustang6G.com
  15. Tail Light Out, Then Back On

    My dealership is keen to help me but are reporting that SSM 47429 is no longer available. Any chance you could help me help them find this? Thanks.
  16. Tail Light Out, Then Back On

    My wife's V6 started this issue a few months ago and I incorrectly assumed it was the front indicator bulbs and changed them out and made sure all the connectors were clean and dry, but the galloping noise and rapid flash on the dashboard remained intermittent. Just the other day I got the...
  17. No air to feet ?

    A couple of days ago I drove my wife's V6 and noticed that there was no air to the feet. I asked her how long this hasn't worked and she said forever - I can't be sure but it may have happened at the time we upgraded to Sync3 and large screen. Only air to the defrost and center dashboard vents...
  18. Is Homelink really that directional

    After trying everything and re-learning the remotes and Homelink I became very proficient at it. My new Chamberlain had the antenna wire tucked away inside the casing and even their support people said I couldn't use a range extender because there was no antenna, then I found a YT showing how...
  19. Is Homelink really that directional

    Agree, some issue with the new belt drive Chamberlain opener, but the odd thing is that my 2017 Ford Edge had no issue with the old opener, and has no issue with the new opener, while the Mustang which worked well with the old opener doesn't work well with the new opener. There's range issues...
  20. Is Homelink really that directional

    I bought the Liftmaster 855lm Chamberlain OEM Homelink Compatibility Bridge in the hope that it would restore the range we had before installing the new door opener, but no improvement. Returning it to Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IPQY3GS?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details