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  1. S550 Roush Mustang

    I like this much better than the Saleen version, it still looks like a Mustang and not a Camaro.:headbang:
  2. Real life look at FRPP GT supercharger and CAI

    Looks much better than the eco boost

    Would you have rather had them rush everything, leading to recalls and quality control issues? You have to remember that the Mustang is not their only vehicle that is being redone this year. They have that, the F150, Focus, Edge, Transit...
  4. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby Baby (@ Lebanon Ford 080714)

    I'm sold on RR too. I try building different colors, but always come back to that. I'm thinking RR GT w/ceramic interior.:thumbsup:
  5. Are 18s too small for the S550?

    I think the 19's are the perfect size. But that's my opinion. The 20s just don't seem to leave enough tire for a decent ride.
  6. Keyless entry?

    I have it on my F150 and use it all the time. Once you start using it you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

    I think the orange would look a whole lot better if it was closer to a copper or metallic look.
  8. Competition Orange S550 arrives at Livemore Ford for sneak peek

    I wish they would show a CO without those black wheels. I like the color of the car but I would love to see some alloy or painted wheels instead, and not the ecoboost wheels either.
  9. Driving Videos - GT and EcoBoost

    Well the Eco sounds better than I thought, but that GT is just sweet.
  10. 2015 Mustang Ecoboost wheels

    If it were me I'd order the 20's, they look so much better.
  11. Hello from Missouri!

    St Louis
  12. 350 hp ecoboost?

    If this rumor is true then I would definitely choose this over the V8, and save a chunk of change in the process.
  13. 2015 Mustang Pricing Revealed! $24,425 (V6), $25,995 (Ecoboost), $32,925 (GT)

    I pretty much disregarded the V6 when I saw that you can't get leather seats. I absolutely refuse to buy a sports car with cloth seats. I'm thinking Ford is pushing people into buying the Ecoboost in order to recoup development costs.
  14. 2015 Mustang Pricing Revealed! $24,425 (V6), $25,995 (Ecoboost), $32,925 (GT)

    Spoiler delete I know info is currently limited, but what if I want a rear spoiler and the Performance pack, which apparently deletes the rear spoiler?
  15. First order placed! 2015 Anniversary!

    Congrats dude, looking forward to seeing the pictures later this year.
  16. 2015 Ford Mustang Order Guide (U.S. and Canada)

    I noticed that too. I'm hoping the V6 Premium info got left out by mistake. I guess if funds dictate, then I may have to go for the GT. At this time I'm just unsure how I feel about the 4cyl Ecoboost. I also don't like the fact that you have to get the black wheels with the performance package.
  17. Why are YOU buying the new 'Stang?

    I'm with you on the colors. I love the Ruby red and Guard equally, so I might just have to draw a number out of a hat.
  18. Did Ford accidentally update their website.

    Sorry, didn't see those already posted, but they were the pics I was talking about. That guard is just beautiful.
  19. Did Ford accidentally update their website.

    So last night I was looking at the Ford website and noticed they changed the 2015 Mustang section a bit. They had more pictures and they were broken up between exterior/interior. There was also a beautiful convertible in Guard as well as yellow. However, when I looked again today, the website...
  20. 2015 Mustang Options/Pricing/Codes in Order Banks (Shelby Model Shown!)

    Leather too They do the same thing with leather. What happened to the days when this was a stand alone option for about $1000. They always package it with a bunch of options that I'll never use and don't want.