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  1. Fastest muscle cars

    Interesting video No mustangs I'd think a gt 500 would be there.but cobra was #!
  2. Explosions

    Here's two caddy evs crashing and exoloding
  3. Insurance info

    I know there was a posting on insurance but couldn't find it. Sorry.heres recent article on the rise in insurance https://www.aol.com/car-insurance-rates-haven-t-192627122.html
  4. Shelby series 2 coupe

    Interesting read https://www.autoblog.com/2024/02/08/limited-edition-shelby-series-2-coupe-unveiled-with-fastback-design/
  5. Gauge display going dark,

    Coming home tonight my gauge display went dark twice just for couple seconds each time exterior lights were fine radio kept playing.when got home checked battery at 12.5v and alernator at 14 thought maybe the car was shedding accessories to save power Is there a button or switch on the dash...
  6. Parasitic draw

    Found thus very helpful...
  7. Interesting read on dark horse

  8. 5-year mainteance

    I have a 2019 gt pp1 mustang gt Have a 10 year warranty It's only got 7000 miles on it Do you guys know if I need to have 5 year check up to keep my 10 year warranty valid.The dealer says no Which is unusual for them to turn down a visit.would you folks have a 5 year check tp and change all the...
  9. Ford pass

    Can't get to give box on ford pass.any suggestions
  10. Ev batteries

    Interesting read.scary stuff https://amac.us/newsline/society/the-battery-revolution-is-getting-deadlier/?utm_objective=website_traffic&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=amac&utm_medium=daily_news_am&utm_content=tbr112423&dderh=343c54edb477df5254010b80403dacd8
  11. Shelby truck

    Had a new shelby truck park next to me.144000 bucks.had no idea
  12. Best American sports car

    Interesting read https://www.hotcars.com/cheapest-v8-sports-car-2024/
  13. Memory seats

    Does memory seats on 2019mistang gt premium include lumbar support setting.thanks
  14. Gt500 status

    Interesting read on gt500.i had a 10 an 14 but at 78 can't dovtge clutch thing And now they are ytpp pricey.love my 19 gt pp1 vert but found this article from hit cars interesting https://www.hotcars.com/reasons-to-buy-a-gt500/
  15. Ford ceo pn ev trucks

    https://www.theepochtimes.com/business/ford-ceo-admits-reality-check-when-he-took-electric-f-150-truck-on-road-trip-5474740 I know it's not mustang but ford ceo on evs They lost 2 billion last year on ev product line.wonder ho long they'll stick with it
  16. Mph display

    I've had my 2019 gt premium since new and today noticed that mph is now displayed along with a rear mustang bumper insignia inside my Normal mph gauge,which appears like a tach gauge a sweeping circular gauge.i swear the digital display of mph wasn't there yesterday.i don't have auto update on...
  17. Motorf craft blades

    Finally ordered oem blades from ford parts.gave them vin to assure fit.they accepted the order and just got them.soinstead of the 20/22 I have on my 2019 mustang gt premium I got 19/21 Google search says 20. 22 as does measuring my current blades.i hate the hassle of returning the blades do...
  18. Wiper blades

    Did a search o forum for suggestion PM replacing wiper blades fir mu 2019 gt Came up empty I want one that fits without using an adaptor.thanks for help.i kn ow i need a 22 and 20in blades
  19. Seat belt rattle.

    My seat belt makes a rattling noise that's driving me nuts.i know it's seat belt because if I hold it while driving it stops.short of replacing seat belt and home remedies out there.it rattles both connected and not connected
  20. Alternator voltmeter issue??

    Noticed in my 2019gt premium gt last week car voltmeter gauge bouncing between 12.0 and 14v as I'm driving I ng. Throttle or gear doesn't matter.checked alternator voltage car in idle and its 13.6.battery is 12.6 Both are fine But putting it in gear and drive Ing is when I get the voltage...