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  1. Ecoboost Pricing + Insurance.

    Hey all. Curious as to where the ecoboost will lie in terms of pricing. Im assuming in between the v6 and GT, im thinking about $27.5 as a base price. Thoughts? Also, will the ecoboost insurance be much different than a GT? Thanks for any insight on the subject!
  2. chazcron's 2015 Mustang 3D renders and 'shops

    So, realistically speaking how close do you think these renderings are from the real thing? Do you think that these could be something we say " Oh, I wish they looked liked Chazcron's renderings " to ? Either way, I appreciate the effort you put forth and personally hope you are dead on the...
  3. Introduce yourself!!

    Hello all, My name is Collin, 22. I live on Long Island and my goal is to order a 2015 mustang once the banks open. I currently drive a Subaru Outback but have been dying to own a mustang since I knew anything about cars. Hopefully soon my dream will come true. I am a Computer Engineer for...