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  1. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    I have had mine in for a few days now. So far no down side, no abnormal behavior. pre revving downshifts is much better and more consistent. Maybe a small improvement in midrange. really noticeable in the upper RPM. I am happy with this mod.
  2. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    I have one. I will be installing it in a week or 2 when i pull the car out of winter storage.
  3. High-Flow Catalytic Converters

    can't wait to hear your initial thoughts, see the numbers and find out what you think of the sound. I just ordered the larger throttle body and am thinking these could be a nice next mod.
  4. Simple engine mods?

    please see these threads: https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/gear-change-from-3-73-rear-gear-to-4-11-in-my-gt350.96590/ https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/gear-change-from-4-11-rear-gear-to-4-56-in-my-gt350.104766/
  5. Simple engine mods?

    If you do a search on this GT350 forum a chart is posted. It's not all that much of a drop. It could affect shift points on a track (+,-) but for the street it is much better
  6. Simple engine mods?

    my 2 best mods were dropping 40+LBs off the wheels (thank you Signature Wheels) and going to a 4.11 rear end. the car responds noticeable better
  7. Just ordered Antigravity Lithium Battery

    This is looking a lot less painful then I had first thought. I will be doing this come spring, nice weight drop up front!
  8. Sold it

    I also would have loved it if the GT350 was a little lighter and a little lower. I am keeping mine but I added a 996 Cab. to scratch that itch.
  9. No throttle response in 6th gear

    Thank you for posting this. On mine, if I am in 3rd on and off the throttle very lightly and then bring it to the floor it will occasionally barley accelerate. If I lift and bring my foot back done it clears up. Wonder if I am starting to have this issue.
  10. How soft as a kittens belly is the GT350 for a daily driver?

    I finally got the 4.11 rear end in mine. The car should have been this way from the factory. It is a LOT of fun with out being to revy. It is a fine DD. Although I only drive mine in the summer and take something else if it is going to be too nasty out. FYI, I put Signature wheels on dropping...
  11. Engine/Transmission Plate Noise FIX!

    I think I may have this rattle as well. Can you please post a picture of your work.
  12. Just ordered Antigravity Lithium Battery

    This is great work. Please report back how it works out
  13. What's everyone driving this winter?

    Only the finest Korean (kidding). I never thought I would end up with a Hyundai, but they did a good job with this car.
  14. What's everyone driving this winter?

    20181127_124929 by ldp82 posted Nov 27, 2018 at 1:12 PM 2015 Genesis 5.0 Ultimate.
  15. 20181127_124929


  16. ldp82


    random pictures
  17. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    anyone else going on the 22nd?
  18. Honey Badger's Completely Off-the-Rails Race Car Build and Track Adventure Thread

    Car look great! Love the Honey Badger above the rear wheel
  19. QA1 shaft detroyed during delivery

    My box held up better, but was still pretty beat up when it arrived. At least my driveshaft and hardware were all undamaged. Thankfully it sounds like you will be getting a new one soon