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  1. coreystang

    GT500 Most Difficult To Detail?

    You use a what? Dude you have to ditch that thing. Use a leaf blower or something.
  2. coreystang


    Keep us updated if that fixed the issue. It drives me crazy!
  3. coreystang

    S550 Road Tripping (Leave your long distance pros and cons)

    It's a car, drive it. End of
  4. coreystang

    pressure washer safety on car paint

    Yes it's fine. Never head an issue. Just use common sense.
  5. coreystang

    E85 no tune

    Send it bro, just send it!
  6. coreystang

    Flex fuel tune

    Woah I didn't know this. Last I talked to them they didn't. I've got a 93 tune with them. That may change now!
  7. coreystang

    Flex fuel tune

    Palm Beach Dyno does?
  8. coreystang

    What's broke so far?

    Stupid bumper tab.
  9. coreystang

    Touch-up for inside of rims

    What's the best way to really clean these up? Looks like some fluid spilled on the rim and while trying to get rid of the weight adhesive I went a little much. They are Niche Essen rims. Also looking for a close match touch up paint to cover up the small nicks and such.
  10. coreystang

    Something for truck owners

    Will this fit a Mustang?
  11. coreystang

    PMAS Intake and VMP Tune Installed

    106 ain't nothing. Wait till summer and it hits 150's. Mine does that without any issues at all. Nothing to worry about.
  12. coreystang

    What ambient lighting do you have?

    depends on what hallucinogen I'm on.
  13. coreystang

    Joleobee magnetic nGauge Mount

    Wow, you had to take apart a lot more than i did in my 2015!