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  1. Upside down?

    just put the upside down ones on the rear wheels... then anyone that comments on them and you can tell them it's from the unbelievable torque your engine is producing and the effect it has on the caps.
  2. Beware : Need For Speed customer service

    Like a very many resellers, they may not have a lot of stock on hand and only order from the manufacturer when they have a paying customers prepaid order in hand. It is annoying and maybe a little deceitful way to do business, but it allows them to sell a much larger assortment of goods without...
  3. ★ Quiet Down Your Interior in Seconds! - Blockit Pre Cut Sound Deadener

    hey there... just wondering what ever happed to the super duper air filter that you were going to make? , that thread has been closed to posts so I am asking here. thanks
  4. Puddle light fell out?! WTF?

    I just had the drivers side puddle lamp replaced under warranty , the little clip that held it in broke in half, and allowed the lamp to hang down, it happened when I closed the door after gassing up. The clip was very brittle.
  5. Would you buy a previous rental?

    7 yr / 100,000 mi warranty , what kind of coverage on what parts. better yet what doesn't it cover. If the car has what you want, the price is a really good $ deal, overall visual condition is excellent, no prior accidents, the warranty coverage is better then just adequate , Drive it, and then...
  6. Anyone else's s550 mirrors do this?

    It happens occasionally to mine when I just open a locked driver door with the fob in my pocket and sometimes when remote starting it. It's really annoying and I know of no way to get it fixed, just a bunch of guesses none of which worked.
  7. FHP Dodge Challenger spotted in Miami on Turnpike

    There is a dark grey metallic Dodge Challenger sheriff or FHP in the Sarasota area of I-75 (both north and south) and a ruby red S550 GT in the four corners area of Polk and Lake county patrolling SR-27
  8. Plug ID please

    thanks for the info I will check to see if abs or traction control is disabled , if not I will just finish taping it up with 3M electrical tape. and to answer the question of how often I move or drive it, three to five days a week since the pandemic hit but less than 500 miles a month, last...
  9. Plug ID please

    There isn an electrical plug on the inner fender next to the air filter box that has a "feed back loop" in a dead end plug. Does anyone know what it is for? I just opened my hood to check the oil and noticed a mouse was building a nest on it and chewed 80% through the "feed back wire loop, car...
  10. Thoughts on this 10R80 review?

    just another you tuber needing to up his viewership, say or intimate anything to get more , whether or not any real info with backup is offered... mostly generalizations ... sure he "knows" cars... but I think his schtick is way overboard and mostly useless.
  11. The reverse camera on my 2020 GT was replaced today

    my wife 2020 Titanium Escape had the camera replaced a couple of weeks ago, it would pixelate, go black, get all scrambled, flicker... you name it it would do it. She had to wait a month to get it replaced, the service dept said they had done dozens of replacements already but the supply of new...
  12. Grabber Lime 2020 GT Build Thread

    beautiful car, and really nice mods, How about those quad tips you were thinking of having made, anything further progress on these ?
  13. Flitz ceramic spray

    thanks for your input
  14. Flitz ceramic spray

    thanks for the info
  15. Flitz ceramic spray

    I posted this same question on the cosmetic upkeep area this past Monday and have zero responses so I reposted here. has anyone tried Flitz ceramic spray? I have used various Flitz polishes for years on many things and I love it, but their ceramic spray is new to me and need some real world...
  16. Flitz ceramic

    has anyone tried Flitz ceramic spray? I have used fritz polish for years on many things and I love it, but their ceramic spray is new to me and need some real world use info , thanks
  17. Whats the coolest feature you didn't know your car had?

    I didn't know that driving the Mustang would magically make me feel 40 years younger.:clap::crackup:
  18. Will Joe Biden die of old age or be sent to prison?

    anyone with any common sense and an open mind can see Biden is not in charge of anything he does anymore. everything is scripted by his handlers and even then he has trouble keeping up, and not losing his way. I would think if he is elected that sometime right after right serving two years or...
  19. motortrend TV

    If you would like to see a really long infomercial car show just watch MY CLASSIC CAR, about 10 minutes of showing and discussing some real nice rides and 20 minutes of commercials and doing fake interviews that are really just infomercials pushing current advertisers products , just a joke...
  20. Replacement Metal paddle shifter

    those are much nicer than others I have seen, and sized perfectly to my taste. I would like them on my wheel, but, I just can't justify the cost, I know the amount of work it took to get them to this point and the cost to produce them is high, but mine work just fine as is, if I had cash to...