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  1. Eco post weight vs challenger

    Calm down you SJW’s
  2. Eco post weight vs challenger

    Also, GT mustang over the scat pack. It’s a lighter, faster car. I like the looks of both the challenger and the S550
  3. Eco post weight vs challenger

    Apparently the 300, is going away. Which is a shame I like the 300. The charger and challenger are getting a complete redesign in 2020. Allegedly.
  4. Opinions needed!

    Terminator 1 WAS the best terminator movie. So agree.
  5. Eco post weight vs challenger

    I already have an EB. I love my EB. I liked the RT too. It just bugged me how heavy the RT was. That’s all. I’m not shitting on either car.
  6. Eco post weight vs challenger

    So I got into a v6 challenger as a rental. While my car was being worked on. It was a cool car. Inside and out. Standard Apple car play. Comfortable seats. Roomy. Slow as fuck. But still an enjoyable experience. So for shits and gigs I decided to test drive an RT. which was more fun than the V6...
  7. Ceramic coat

    The longer the years the harder and thicker the coat. And yes the auto car wash actually as I found out today, has removed most of my ceramic coat and micro swirled the fuck outta my shit. Which can be fixed. Don’t go through auto washes fellas lol. 2 year should cost about $300 5 year about...
  8. CA Gas Prices!!! Ouch

    I was fine when 93 was .70 over 87. But 1.20, that’s retarded. In July the gas tax goes up the 36 cents a gallon in Ohio I believe. Which is 8 more cents on the gallon. Not a huge deal. But it’ll only go up from there.
  9. CA Gas Prices!!! Ouch

    That’s cause your government are commies and they hate their citizens
  10. Ceramic coat

    Idk if it helps with the sticky of the bugs. I haven’t put much thought into it. I wanna say yes? But I pay for an unlimited washes plan from an automatic car wash around here in Ohio that puts a clear coat on top of my ceramic every time I go through. And I go through like 2-3 times a week.
  11. 18 vs type r?

    I’m not saying it can’t happen. And sweet, I love vipers. Suuuuper butt hurt they stopped making them too
  12. CA Gas Prices!!! Ouch

    I get living there for the weather and I suppose the job market. I could never. I like guns freedom of speech and regular not lefty crazy people too much lol. And the living cost in Ohio isn’t bad.
  13. Coffee thrown in car while driving!

    At least you have leather seats. I’d try to find out where he lives and drop a fat shit right on the hood of his car. Then slash all his tires
  14. Ceramic coat

    Here’s what I’ve learned from ceramics. I got mine done almost immediately. If you see bird shit or murdered bugs on your car, get them off immediately. Especially in a state like Florida were it’s sunny basically all year round. The problem with ceramic coats is the layer is so thick (which is...
  15. CA Gas Prices!!! Ouch

    Paid 3.95 for shell V power 93. That’s outrageous for me, not cause of the price, but the fact it was $1.20 over 87. It used to be only .70 over 87 which I was cool with. But, this was also a brand new gas station. Maybe they were price gouging to make up for the rebuild. Also, fuck California...
  16. 18 vs type r?

    Especially a turbo second hand.
  17. 18 vs type r?

    This is just my opinion. But NEVER buy a second hand “sports car”. You don’t know how hard someone abused it. Especially if they knew they were gonna get rid of it so they beat the absolute piss out of it. On that note if you’re gonna buy a second hand, at least get one still under warranty for...
  18. 18 vs type r?

    A type R is not much cheaper than a GT. IYS 34,100 for a type R and a GT is 35,500. So we’re not talking about much of a difference here. Although for the price I think you get more from the type R. They make one model of the car. And it’s a premium car.